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Summer Co-op

The information below is about the Summer 2020 program.  Information about the Summer 2021 program will be posted later in the spring.    

​​Summer Co-op Coordinator:  

Please note:  Our ability to follow through and run this program will depend on any directives from the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Health that we must follow.  We know that there will be limited placements for summer and the potential for coop in some sectors may not be an option for Summer 2020.  Please keep in mind that both this program or individual placements have the potential to be cancelled at any point based on Emergency measures, however in the event a placement is terminated due to COVID19, the student can continue completing the course online with additional assignments instead of placement hours.


Who is eligible to enroll?​​

All current grade 11 and 12 LKDSB students.

​What is the priority of acceptance?  

Due to the limited capacity in the summer co-op program, spots will be prioritized and allocated in the following manner:

  1. Those grade 11 or 12 age students who require credits to get back on track for graduation.  Students must have a placement arranged already.
  2. SHSM College/University bound students entering Grade 12 whose regular timetable cannot accommodate a two-period co-operative education placement; or, a graduate who is not returning but still needs two co-op credits to complete the SHSM requirements.
  3. All other senior LKDSB students wishing to obtain co-op credits during the summer months.

How to apply?

  • Complete the application form and return it to your Guidance Department by June 5th.
  • The Guidance Department will submit the completed applications for all school-approved applicants to the LKDSB coop coordinator.
How does the program work?
  • The cooperative education program will be delivered using the course DCO3O: Creating Opportunities through Co-op.  Students may earn one or two credits depending on their placement and course hours.​
  • If the student is part of the SHSM program, the placement must be related to the SHSM sector in which the student is enrolled.
  • SHSM students who are unable to obtain safe placements due to COVID19 can be placed in Virtual Coop.  This means students complete the two-credit program online.  Links to the sector will take the form of certifications, guest speakers and virtual exploration.
  • All other students must have arranged their own placement that can be reviewed and approved by the cooperative education teacher. The employer must be on board and accepting of having teachers monitor the student at the placement. Please note: students wishing to participate in the LKDSB Summer Co-op Program have the sole responsibility to find and arrange their own summer coop placements.
  • Students must complete the application and be approved by their school.
  • Students will use D2L, myBlueprint and other online forums to complete mandatory preplacement activities. Teachers will contact students the week of June 15th to get things started. Preplacement will begin mid-June online and must be completed by Friday June 26th.   Pre-placement takes approximately 25 hours.
  • Students in 2 credits must complete 180 or more hours of work and 1 credit must complete 90 or more hours of work at their co-op placement between June 29th and August 7th, 2020.  Students must complete weekly logs and assignments as part of the program.
  • All employer supervisors must agree to monitoring visits and evaluations in order for the placement to be valid.
  • The student is responsible for their own transportation to their summer placement.
  • In the event a placement is terminated due to COVID19, the student can continue completing the course online with additional assignments instead of placement hours.