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Lambton Kent District School Board
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eLearning – Course Upgrade

​​​​​Purpose: The purpose of the eLearning Course Upgrade is to consolidate a student's skills and knowledge in preparation for continued studies within the subject area.

Student Criteria: A student must have successfully completed (i.e. passed) the course within the school year. Course Upgrades are open to students of the LKDSB only.

Format: eLearning, 55 hours of instruction and learning

Dates: July 4 – July 29 (concurrent with eLearning – Full Course)

​Course Offerings if there is sufficient enrolment:

  • General English: ENG1D, ENG1P, ENG2D, ENG2P
  • Senior English: NBE3U, NBE3C, ENG4U, ENG4C
  • General Math: MTH1W, MPM2D, MFM2P
  • Senior Math: MCR3U, MCF3M, MBF3C, MDM4U, MHF4U, MCV4U
  • General Science: SNC1D, SNC1P, SNC2D, SNC2P
  • Biology: SBI3U, SBI3C, SBI4U
  • Chemistry: SCH3U, SCH4U, SCH4C
  • Physics: SPH3U, SPH4U, SPH4C
A student may take one or two courses.

Student Expectations: Log in daily. 2-3 hours work per day per course.

Transcript Information:
  • Grade 9/10 course – the higher mark of the course upgrade and original course is listed on the transcript
  • Grade 11/12 course – the course upgrade mark is listed in addition to the original mark
Enrolment Information:
  • See your guidance counsellor about enrolling in a course.  
  • Guidance counselors: When registering a student for Summer eLearning Course Upgrade in PRISM, select Course Type: Upgrading, Semester: Summer - July - eLearning - Upgrade, Subject: , Course: , Reason: Upgrading Course or Repeating a Failed Course. Note: Course upgrades are not available to students who have failed the course. Such students must take the full course or credit recovery.
Registration Deadline: Thursday, June 30. Early registration is encouraged to ensure acceptance into the requested program/course.

For more information, see the policies and procedures under eLearning – Full Course.