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AMSS 2018-19 Courses Available


Arts - Drama, Visual Arts

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
NAC 1OA Expressions of First Nations, Métis, InuitAVI 2O1 Visual ArtsAVI 3O1 Visual Arts
AEA 4O1 Exploring the Arts

AWA 2O1 Visual Arts - CraftsAWC 3O1 Ceramics

  ASM 301 Media Arts
 ASM 4E1 Media Arts

Business Studies

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
 BBI 2O1 Introduction to BusinessBAI 3E1 Accounting EssentialsBTX 4E1 Information & Communication Tech in the Workplace
  BMX 3E1 Marketing: Retail & Service
BDP 3O1  Entrepreneurship:   The Enterprising Person


Canadian & World Studies (Geography, History, Law, Politics)

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
CGC 1P1 Issues in Canadian GeographyCHC 2P1 Canadian History Since WW1CGG 3O1 Travel & Tourism: 
A Geographic Perspective
CHM 4E1 Adventures in World History
CGC 1PQ Issues in Canadian Geography (Locally Developed)CHC 2PQ Canadian History (Locally Developed)CLU 3E1 Understanding 
Canadian Law in Everyday Life
 CHV 2O5 Civics and Citizenship  


Co-operative Education

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
  COP 3OC Coop (2 credits)

COP 4OC Coop (2 credits)

TPJ 4CC Clinical Coop Health Care * PSW only, application needed to enroll

TOJ 4CC Clinical Coop Child Development & Gerontology * PSW only, application needed to enroll


Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
ENG 1L1 English (Locally DevelopedENG 2L1 English (Locally Developed)NBE 3E1 English, Workplace
ENG 4E1 English, Workplace
ENG 1P1 EnglishENG 2P1 English NBE 3C1 English, College
ENG 4C1 English, College
OLC 4O1 Literacy

Guidance and Career

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
GLE 1O1 Learning StrategiesGLC 2O5 Career StudiesGPP 3O1 Leadership & Peer Support 
GLS 1O1 Learning Strategies   

Health and Physical Education

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
PPL 1OW Healthy Active Living - GirlsPPL 2OW Healthy Active Living - Girls
PPL 3OW  Healthy Active Living - Girls
PAF 4O1 Fitness
PPL 1OY Healthy Active Living - BoysPPL 2OY Healthy Active Living - Boys
PPL 3OY Healthy Active Living - Boys

PAI 4O1 Individual & Small Group Activities P.E.O.P.E.L.
  PAF 2O1 Coed Fitness
PAF 3O1 Coed Fitness


Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
MAT 1L1 Math (Locally Developed)MAT 2L1 Math (Locally Developed)MEL 3E1 Math for Work & Everyday Life
MEL 4E1 Math for Work & Everyday Life
MFM 1P1 MathMFM 2P1 MathMBF 3C1 Foundations for CollegeMAP 4C1 College & App. Math

Native Languages

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
LNO BO1 OjibweLNO CO1 OjibweLNO DO1 OjibweLNO EO1 Ojibwe

Native Studies

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
  NBV 3C1 Beliefs, Values and Aspirations of Aboriginal Peoples in Contemporary Society 


Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
SNC 1L1 Science (Locally Developed)SNC 2L1 Science (Locally Developed)SVN 3E1 Env. Science

SNC 1P1 ScienceSNC 2P1 ScienceSBI 3C1 BiologySCH 4C1 Chemistry

SPH 4C1 Physics

Social Science & Humanities

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
 HFN 2O1 Food and Nutrition

HIP 4O1 Personal Life Management
  HIF 2O1 Exploring Family StudiesHPW 3C1 Working with Infants & Young Children
 HPD 4C1 Working with School Aged Children and Adolescents

Technological Education

Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
TDJ 1O1 Tech DesignTCJ 2O1 Construction TechTCJ 3C1 Construction Tech

TCJ 3E1 Construction Tech

TWJ 3E1 Custom Woodwork
TCJ 4C1 Construction Tech

TCJ 4E1 Construction Tech

TWJ 4E1 Custom Woodworking
TIJ 1O1 Exploring TechTFJ 2O1 Hospitality and TourismTFJ 3C1 Hospitality & Tourism

TFJ 3E1 Hospitality & Tourism

TFC 3E1 Hospitality & Tourism: Cooking
TFJ 4E1 Hospitality & Tourism
 TGJ 2O1 Comm. TechTGJ 3O1 Comm. Tech

 THJ 2O1 Green Industries
THJ 4E1 Green Industries
 TMJ 2OA Manufacturing - Manufacturing, Machining & WeldingTMJ 3C1 Manufacturing Tech

TMJ 3E1 Manufacturing Tech

TMW 3E1 Manufacturing Tech: Welding
TMJ 4E1 Manufacturing Tech

TMJ 4E2 Manufacturing Tech

TMW 4E2 Manufacturing Tech: Welding Double Credit
 TPJ 2O1 Health CareTPJ 3C1 Health Care *PSW Program only, application needed to enroll
TPJ 4C1 Health Care * PSW Program only, application needed to enroll

TOJ 4C1 Child Development & Gerontology
 TTJ 2O1 TransportationTTJ 3C1 Transportation Technology

TTJ 3O1 Transportation Tech: Vehicle Ownership
TTJ 4C1 Transportation Tech

TTJ 4E1 Transportation Tech
 TXJ 2O1 Hairstyling and AestheticsTXJ 3E1 Hairstyling & Aesthetics

TXH 3E1 Hairstyling & Aesthetics: Hairstyling

TXJ 4E1 Hairstyling & Aesthetics

TXH 4E1 Hairstyling & Aesthetics


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