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CKSS Courses Available

Arts - Drama, Visual Arts

Grade 9​
Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
ADA 1O1 Drama

ADA 1OZ​ Drama (Imm)
ADA 2O1 DramaADA 3M1 DramaADA 4M1 Drama
AMI 1O1  Instrumental Music/BandAMI 2O1  Instrumental Music/BandAMI 3M1   Instrumental Music/BandAMI 4M1  Instrumental Music/Band
AMV 1O1 Music Vocal/ChoralAMV 2O1 Music Vocal/ChoralAMV 3M1 Music Vocal/Choral

AMG 301 Music - Guitar Focus
AMV 4M1 Music Vocal/Choral
ATC 1O1 DanceATC 2O1 DanceATC 3M1 DanceATC 4M1 Dance
AVI 1O1 Visual ArtsAVI 2O1 Visual ArtsAVI 3O1 Visual Arts

AVI 3M1 Visual Arts
AVI 4M1 Visual Arts
AEA 4O1 Exploring & Creating The Arts
Business Studies
Grade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
BTT 1O1 ​
Information & Communication Tech. in Business
BBI 2O1 Intro to BusinessBDI 3C1 
Entrepreneurship: The Venture

BMI 3C1 Marketing: Goods, Services, Events

  BAF 3M1 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
BAT 4M1 
Financial Accounting Principles
  BTA 3O1 Information and Communication Technology:  The Digital Environment BBB 4M1 
International Business Fundamentals

Canadian & World Studies (Geography, History, Law, Politics)
Grade 9​
Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
CGC 1D1 Issues in Canadian Geography

CGC 1DZ Issues in Canadian Geography (Imm)

CGG 3O1 Travel & Tourism: A Geographic PerspectiveCGO 4M1 Spatial Tech. in Action

CGW 4U1 World Issues: A Geographic Analysis

CHC 2D1 
Canadian History Since WW1

Canadian History Since WW1 (Imm)

CHC 2P1 
Canadian History Since WW1
CHA 3U1 American History

CHE 3O1​​​  Origins and Citizenship​​ (Black Canadians)​

CHW 3M1 World History to the End of the 15th Century
CHY 4U1 World History: Since the 15th Century
 CHV 2O5 
Civics and Citizenship

Civics and Citizenship (Imm)
CLU 3M1 
Understanding Canadian Law
CLN 4U1 Canadian & International Law
   CPW 4U1 World Politics (2020-21))

CIA 4U1 Analysing Current Economic Issues (2021-22)

Classical Studies & International Languages
Grade 9Gra​de 10Grade 11Grade 12
 LWS BD1 Spanish LWS CU1 Spanish 

Computer Studies
Grade 9Grade 10​
Grade 11Grade 12
ICS 2O1 Intro to Computer StudiesICS 3C1 Intro to Computer ProgrammingICS 4C1 Computer Programming
  ICS 3U1 Intro to Computer ScienceICS 4U1 Computer Science

Co-operative Education
Grade 9G​rade 10
Grade 11Grade 12
  COP 3OC Coop (2 credits)COP 4OC Coop (2 credits)

Grade 9
Grad​e 10Grade 11Grade 12
ENG 1D1 

ENG 2D1 EnglishNBE 3U1 
Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices
ENG 4U1 English

EWC 4U1 The Writer's Craft
ENG 1P1 
ENG 2P1 EnglishNBE 3C1 
Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Voices

EMS 3O1 
Media Studies
ENG 4C1 English

French As A Second Language
Grade 9​
Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
FIF 1DZ French (Imm)FIF 2DZ French (Imm)FIF 3UZ French (Imm)FIF 4UZ French (Imm)
FSF 1D1 Core FrenchFSF 2D1 Core FrenchFSF 3U1 Core FrenchFSF 4U1 Core French

Guidance and Career
Grade 9Gra​de 10Grade 11Grade 12
 GLC 2O5 Career StudiesGPP 3O1 Leadership & Peer Support 
 GLC 2OZ Career Studies (Imm)

Health and Physical Education
Gr​ade 9Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
PPL 1OW Healthy Active Living - Girls

PPL 1OY Healthy Active Living - Boys

PPL 1OZ Healthy Active Living (Imm)
PPL 2OW Healthy Active Living - Girls

PPL 2OY - Healthy Active Living - Boys
PPL 3O1 Healthy Active Living (Coed)PPL 4O1 Healthy Active Living (Coed)

PAI 4O1 Individual & Small Group Activities (P.E.O.P.E.L.)

PAF 2O1 Personal FitnessPAF 3O1 Personal & Fitness Activities (Coed)
PAF 4O1 Personal & Fitness Activities

PAL 2O1 Healthy Active Living - Hockey Focus
 PSK 4U1 Introductory Kinesiology

Grade 9​
Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
MTH 1W1  Mathematics

MFM 2P1 Foundations of MathMBF 3C1 Foundations for CollegeMAP 4C1 Foundations for College Math

MCT 4C1 Mathematics for College Technology

MPM 2D1 Principles
of Math
MCF 3M1 Functions and Applications

MCR 3U1 Functions
MDM 4U1 Math of Data Management

MHF 4U1  Advanced Functions

MCV 4U1 Calculus & Vectors
  MEL 3E1 Math for Work & Everyday LifeMEL 4E1 Math for Work & Everyday Life

First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies​
Grade 9Gra​de 10Grade 11Grade 12

NDA 3M1  Contemporary First Nations, Mé​tis, and Inuit Issues and PerspectivesNDW 4M1   Contemporary Indigenous Issues and Perspectives in a Global Context

Native Languages
Grade 9
​Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
 LND BO1​ Delaware

Grade 9​
Grade 10Grade 11Grade 12
SNC 1D1 Science

SNC 1DZ Science (Imm)
SNC 2D1 ScienceSBI 3U1 Biology

SCH 3U1 Chemistry

SPH 3U1 Physics

SVN 3M1 
Environmental Science
SBI 4U1 Biology

SCH 4U1 

SPH 4U1 Physics

SES 4U1 Earth and Space Science
SNC 1P1 Science
SNC 2P1 ScienceSBI 3C1 BiologySCH 4C1 Chemistry

SPH 4C1 Physics

Social Science & Humanities
Grade 9
Gra​de 10Grade 11Grade 12
 HFN 2O1 Food and Nutrition

HFA 4C1 Nutrition & Health

HFA 4U1 Nutrition & Health
 HNL 2O1 ClothingHNC 3C1 
Understanding Fashion
HNB 4M1 The World of Fashion
  HPC 3O1 Raising Healthy Children

HPW 3C1 Working with Infants & Young Children
HHS 4C1 Families in Canada
  HSP 3C1 Intro to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology

HSP 3U1 Intro to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology

HSP 3UZ Intro to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology (Imm)
HSB 4U1 Challenge & Change in Society

HSE 4M1 Equity & Social Justice

Technological Education
Grade 9Gra​de 10Grade 11Grade 12
TIJ 1O1 
Exploring Tech.

TDJ 3M1 Tech. Design
TDJ 4M1 Tech. Design
TCJ 2O1 
Construction Tech.
TCJ 3E1 
Construction Tech.
TCJ 4E1 
Construction Tech.
 TGJ 2O1 
Communications Tech.
TGJ 3M1 
Communications Tech.

TGG 3M1​  
Communications Technology:  Broadcast and Print Production
TGJ 4M1 
Communications Tech.

TGG 4M1 
Communications Tech.: Print & Graphic Communications (Yearbook)
 TMJ 2O1 
Manufacturing Tech.
TMJ 3C1 
Manufacturing Engineering Tech.
TMJ 4C1 
Manufacturing Engineering Tech.
  TTJ 2O1 
Transportation Tech.
TTJ 3C1 
Transportation Tech.
TTJ 4C1 
Transportation Tech.

French Immersion
​​The following are French Immersion Courses ADA 1OZ, CGC 1DZ, CHC 2DZ, CHV/GLC 2OZ, HSP 3UZ, PPL 1OZ, SNC 1DZ

Consult with your Student Services Staff for eLearning opportunities.