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Science Kits K-8


Science Kits

2023-2024: Bookings are now open for the 2023-2024 school year .  Submit your order via our Google Request Form below.  NOTE:  You will need to submit a new form for each kit you'd like to order.  An email with your exact shipping and due dates will be sent once your order is processed.

​Kindergarten Kit Booking Form​

Gr. 1-8 Kit Booking Form​

NOTE:  If you need to cancel or change dates for a kit that has already been input via the form, please email  These changes will have to be made by the Science Centre Technician.  Thanks!​​

S.E.P. science kits can ONLY be booked by teachers working within the Lambton Kent District School Board or the St. Clair Catholic District School Board. 

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Your Responsibilities While Using a Science Kit

One copy of a science kit can be used by up to four different teachers in one year.  This program only works if each person who uses the kit takes care with it while it is in their possesion. To help us keep our kits complete and good working order, please; 

  • Review the inventory sheet when the kit arrives.  If anything is missing or broken on arrival, report it to the science resource centre.

  • Review the inventory sheet before returning the kit.  You should be returning all print resources, all non-consumable equipment and any unused consumables. 

  • Please send back any empty containers, including lock top bags.  We go to all the trouble to label these to keep the kit organized and make it easy to refill.

  • Seal all bags and bottles tightly for the return trip to avoid spills.

  • Please take all batteries out of the equipment they are used in, and place them in the bag provided.  Mark any dead batteries so they can be disposed of properly.

  • If anything is broken and/or missing, leave a note attached to the inventory sheet for science centre staff.

  • All kits are checked when they are returned.  We will notify you via email if anything is missing. 

  • The most common thing to disappear from kits are books and texts.  Books belonging in the kits are all stamped inside with the "SEP" logo and copy numbers are marked on the outside cover in magic marker. 

  • All materials can be sent back via interschool mail to the "SEP Science Centre, c/o Errol Road Public School".

We appreciate your efforts!