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Lambton Kent District School Board
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South Kent Thoughtexchange

​​Welcome to the Lambton Kent District School Board's (LKDSB) Thoughtexchange online engagement process.

In Spring 2017, the LKDSB invited its school communities to share their thoughts about the two proposed scenarios for the Blenheim, Ridgetown, Tilbury, and South Chatham Area phase of pupil accommodation, as identified in the LKDSB Pupil Accommodation Report 2016/2017.

The Thoughtexchange process allowed participants to share their thoughts and prioritize the thoughts of others. Our goal was to get a sense of shared values and priorities from our community.

We had 748 individuals participate in the Thoughtexchange. Participants shared 3,653 thoughts and assigned 58,755 stars to their top priorities from across the LKDSB. Click here to review the Thoughtexchange results​.

The report highlights themes from parents/guardians, students, staff, and community members. From discussions about grade division organization; transportation; and the impact of school closures on small towns and communities, participants shared their thoughts on the issues that were most important to them.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Thoughtexchange process.

Watch a video expressing our gratitude and the importance of your participation in the Thoughtexchange process:


The Thoughtexchange solicited community input on the following questions:

  1. What are your thoughts about Scenario 1?
  2. What are your thoughts about Scenario 2?
  3. What are some things the LKDSB should consider as it plans for the future?

Click here to read the full Accommodation Report or see details below to review the two scenarios outlined in the Pupil Accommodation Report. Please note that this is not the start of a pupil accommodation review for the area. An Initial Staff Report has not been presented to Trustees.

​Timeline for the Thoughtexchange process:

'Share' phase - March 20-29, 2017
'Star' phase - April 6-18, 2017
'Discover' phase - May-June 2017

What is Thoughtexchange?

Thoughtexchange uses Group Insight Platform™ that fosters information exchange and collaborative leadership to collect and share the community's thoughts. During the three-step process, stakeholders share their thoughts, star what others say, and discover what matters most throughout the process. Participants were invited by email to participate in the initial survey and received a second email invitation to participate in the "starring" process to prioritize thoughts/responses to the initial survey questions. Click here to review the Thoughtexchange results​.

What are the two scenarios included in the Thoughtexchange online engagement process?

​The LKDSB sought public input on two proposed scenarios for the potential phase of pupil accommodation for the Blenheim, Ridgetown, Tilbury and South Chatham Area schools. As part of this survey, participants were asked to consider the following:

Scenario 1:

Construct a Kindergarten to Grade 12 School on either the Blenheim District High School site or Harwich Raleigh Public School site.

Close and relocate the students from:
a) Harwich Raleigh Public School (English Language and French Immersion Programs);
b) W.J. Baird Public School;
c) Ridgetown District High School Grade 7 and 8 Program;
d) Ridgetown District High School and
e) Blenheim District High School

​Scenario 2:

Construct a Grade 9 to Grade 12 Consolidated Secondary School at a site to be determined.

Close and relocate the secondary students from:
a) Blenheim District High School;
b) John McGregor Secondary School;
c) Ridgetown District High School and
d) Tilbury District High School

Relocate Ridgetown District High School Grade 7 and 8 students to Naahii Ridge Public School.

Close W.J. Baird Public School and relocate students to Harwich Raleigh Public School in Blenheim.

Please note that this is not the start of a pupil accommodation review for the area. An Initial Staff Report has not been presented to Trustees.

​Why is the LKDSB looking for public input on future phases of Pupil Accommodation?

The LKDSB is committed to engagement of all its stakeholders – students, parents/community and staff. We want our communities and key stakeholders to provide input and work with us to shape what our schools will look like now and into the future.

The LKDSB is currently facing two main challenges – declining enrolment and limited finances, both of which are linked. Our funding is pupil-based; therefore, when student enrolment moves up or down, the funding follows. As well, the maintenance of aging buildings presents its own unique challenges. As a result, the LKDSB is forced to make difficult decisions in order to remain fiscally responsible. The opportunity to consolidate and rebuild our facilities will allow the LKDSB to position itself for the next 50 years, as well as support program enhancements and improve access to facilities.

As outlined in the LKDSB Pupil Accommodation Report 2016/2017, the LKDSB is conducting an online community engagement/study for the potential phase for the Blenheim, Ridgetown, Tilbury and South Chatham Area schools. To facilitate this online engagement, the LKDSB contracted Thoughtexchange to assist with collecting feedback from various stakeholders.

Which schools are considered part of the South Kent catchment area?

The following schools are included in the South Kent catchment area, as outlined in Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 in the Pupil Accommodation Report and included as part of this survey:

Blenheim District High School
John McGregor Secondary School
Ridgetown District High School
Tilbury District High School

Harwich Raleigh Public School
Indian Creek Road Public School
Merlin Area Public School
Naahii Ridge Public School
Queen Elizabeth II Public School – Chatham
Tilbury Area Public School
Victor Lauriston Public School
Wheatley Area Public School
Winston Churchill Public School
W.J. Baird Public School

Click here to read the School & Site Information Summaries.

Please note that these schools are not part of a pupil accommodation review. An Initial Staff Report has not been presented to Trustees.​