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Question 1:

Was the star data for Question 1 compiled using input from all survey participants (including those from Tilbury and South Chatham participants who would not be affected by the scenario 1)?  If so, is there a way to remove the Tilbury/Chatham responses from the analysis to attain a better representation of support from only the communities affected?

If the Tilbury and South Chatham area responses are included in the results of Question 1, there is concern with the prominent listing of "Support for Scenario 1" as one of the top five Scenario 1 Themes.  The highlighted comment for this theme [i.e. Scenario 1 works best for students and community. This first scenario seems like the best option for students and community. With this plan, there would be little disruption in the displacement of students. A school becomes a community link. This option would have the least amount of disruption for the least amount of people] was the most-starred thought.  However, there is a significant reason to doubt whether it was starred because a K-12 in Blenheim would be the best solution for Blenheim-Ridgetown area students or because it simply was a scenario that did not threaten the high schools in Tilbury and South Chatham?  If the star counts for Question 1 include stars from an unspecified number of Tilbury and South Chatham area participants (who might support it just because it would leave their schools intact), the true results are not clear.  In this case, it would not be valid to assume that all of the support for Question 1 actually reflects support for a Blenheim K-12 as a good solution for Ridgetown and Blenheim area students. 

For some of the Question 1 thoughts, the impact of Tilbury/South Chatham participants is quite apparent.  The following two thoughts (#8, with 27 stars; #21, with 24 stars) appear to provide "Support for Scenario 1" simply because they preserve TDHS (or JMSS) - See image below or refer to the Thoughtexchange online report

Scenario 1 Thoughts

Scenario 1 details

With over 20 stars allotted to these comments, it is reasonable to assume that the same individuals may have also allotted a similar number of stars to other comments in support of a Blenheim K-12.  This would have inflated the final ranking of the "Support for Scenario 1" theme.  For Question 1, it would be more valid to report just the thoughts/stars of participants that did not identify themselves as being associated with TDHS, TAPS, JMSS or South Chatham elementary schools.

For the related theme (#7), "Support for a K-12 school", please note that the top-rated comment is wrongly categorized.  Rather than being in support of a K-12, it instead notes that the secondary panel of a Blenheim K-12 wouldn't be large enough to offer any significant course/programming advantages (therefore there would be no gains for Blenheim or Ridgetown area secondary students) - See image below or refer to the Thoughtexchange online report:

Star analysis information

Had the "Support for Scenario 1" and "Support for a K-12 school" themes been more prominent, perhaps the Tilbury /S.Chatham input effect would be insignificant.  However, themes #4 and #7 received a total of only 12.8% of the stars for Question 1 compared to 59.8% for the top three themes.  The top three themes would not likely have received much support from Tilbury and South Chatham area participants (because these themes opposed Scenario 1). 

Consider also that the "Support for Scenario 1" and "Support for a K-12 school" themes received 794 and 253 (i.e. 288 minus 35, from the incorrectly categorized thought noted above) stars, respectively.   Each Tilbury/S.Chatham participant had 48 stars available to endorse thoughts for Question 1 (e.g. 10 participants = 480 stars).  The collective impact may have been quite significant.


The Thoughtexchange was intended to allow students, parents, staff and community members to share their thoughts about the two proposed scenarios for the Blenheim, Ridgetown, Tilbury, and South Chatham Area phase of pupil accommodation.  The report is one of many tools used to provide Senior Administration with a better understanding of the issues that concern students, staff, families and community members in the Blenheim, Ridgetown, Tilbury, and South Chatham areas and this will allow the LKDSB to work collaboratively on solutions moving forward.

During any pupil accommodation review process, the LKDSB welcomes input from everyone, not only those who live in the boundary area for the schools. However, it is often the case that these community members are the ones who express a more significant level of engagement. As an open and transparent public institution, we feel it is important to consider the thoughts of all members of our communities, particularly when making decisions that will have a greater impact on our system as a whole.

To address the questions, the Thoughtexchange analysis team did a comparison by geographic area to show the levels of support for Scenarios 1 and 2. As shown in the graph below, all communities indicated greater support for Scenario 1 than Scenario 2, with the exception of Ridgetown. While this geographic area indicated greater support for Scenario 2, the totals were very similar in terms of overall percentage (See image below or refer to the Thoughtexchange online report).

comparison by geographic area graph
‚ÄčPercentage of Stars Assigned To All Questions
‚ÄčGeographic AreaSupport for Scenario 1‚ÄčSupport for a K-12 School‚ÄčSupport for Scenario 2

There was also a question in regard to the impact that removing Tilbury and South Chatham participants would have on "Support for Scenario 1" appearing in the top five themes for Q1. The Thoughtexchange team considered this and the themes could shift slightly if some of the thoughts were re-themed, but the impact overall was minimal.

Question 2:

At the May 23 Board meeting, you noted that a breakdown of participation by community for the Thoughtexchange survey would be available.  Is that information public?  If so, I would be interested in seeing the numbers.  I didn't see many South Chatham-specific comments, so I've wondered whether many from that community participated.


Number of Responses by School:

Number of responses by school graph

Number of Responses by Region:


Number of Responses by Region by graph