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Lambton Kent District School Board
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Transition Committee Meetings

Accommodation Review information for the Chatham Area - John N Given Public School

Schools in the Chatham - Area:

  • John N. Given Public School - Kindergarten to Grade 8 English Language Program to Tecumseh Public School
  • John N. Given Public School - Grade 7 and 8 French Immersion Program to McNaughton Avenue Public School‚Äč

Please note: questions/comments/other info can be sent to‚Äč

Accommodation Review Committee Meetings - Full Documentation

Meeting D‚ÄčatesAgendaMinutes/Record of Action
June 14, 2017 Agenda Record of Action
September 13, 2017Agenda Record of Action              
‚ÄčOctober 17, 2017‚ÄčAgenda

‚ÄčRecord of Action

Parking Lot - Option 1 / Parking Lot - Option 2

‚ÄčNovember 13, 2017‚ÄčAgenda

‚ÄčRecord of Action

Parking Lot Plan

‚ÄčJanuary 31, 2018‚ÄčAgenda‚ÄčRecord of Action
‚ÄčFebruary 28, 2018‚ÄčAgenda‚ÄčRecord of Action
‚ÄčApril 16, 2018‚ÄčAgenda

‚ÄčRecord of Action

Alumni Presentation

Petition Details

Comments from Dr. Robin Gray

Tecumseh Public School Pedestrian Review

‚ÄčMay 23, 2018‚ÄčAgenda‚Äč