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Lambton Kent District School Board
Every Student, Every Day
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​Free help is available to adults 19 years of age and over (some exceptions apply). Assistance is available to adults who wish to improve reading, writing, math, and computer skills in order to return to high school, or post-secondary education, prepare for employment testing or return to the workforce. This program is available to students not currently enrolled in regular day school. Qualified instructors supervise each student's program and intake is continuous. Programs are available in several locations throughout the District. Workforce specific training is also available, including Customer Service Training and Computer Job Readiness Training. Assistance with transportation and childcare may be available. Call for a free assessment. ​

This Employment Ontario program is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.  

Day Time Where Comments Contact (ONLY during class times)
Monday to Thursday


​9 am-2 pm

​10 am-1pm
340 Murphy Road
Sarnia, ON
​Room 2037
​519-383-8787 ext. 4
Elisha, Brenda, Esther​, Lisa, Rydra

Chatham - Upgrading
​Time ​Where ​Comments ​Contact (ONLY during class times)
Monday to Thursday

9 am-2 pm​

92 Churchill Street Chatham, ON​ Room 5
519-354-6100​ ext. 5
Pam, Paula and Jenny

Chatham - Computer Job Readiness
​Time​Where​Comments​Contact (ONLY during class times)
Tuesday to Thursday
9 am-12 pm​92 Churchill Street Chatham, ON​Room 6519-354-6100​ ext. 5

​Day ​Time ​Where ​Comments ​Contact (ONLY during class times)
Monday- by appointment only

Tuesday - Thur​sday


​60 McNaughton Ave, Unit 11 ​Housed with St. Clair Employment Services​519-627-7452
Jenny and Elisha

​​Time​Where​Comments​Contact (ONLY during class times)
Tuesday & Thur​sday
14763 School House Line
Employment & Training Building
(No Phone)