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Lambton Kent District School Board
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External Applicants - How to Apply

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Below are instructions for EXTERNAL Applicants on How to Apply to Positions with the LKDSB:โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹

Step 1: Register

  • Create an Account for the LKDSB
  • Select your Position Category (e.g. 'Teachers, Principals & Superintendents', 'ECE, EA/TA, ERW, Secretarial, Custodian' or 'Management and Professional')
  • Fill out your personal information and create a username and password
  • Type the verification code and say 'YES' to the terms of agreement and click on the 'Register' button

Step 2: Complete an Application

  • You are required to complete your Portfolio before applying to any job posting

Note: You will not be able to proceed with applying to job postings until the following sections are completed in your portfolio: Personal Info, Who Can View My Portfolio, Qualifications, Experience, References, Resume, Cover Letter and Supporting Documents.

Step 3: Apply to a Posting

  • Click on the Position name for a posting you wish to apply to
  • Scroll to the bottom of the posting and answer any job-related questions
  • Click the Apply button

Note: You can upload a resume and cover letter specific to the posting before you click the Apply button. Once a posting has closed, you will not be able to update your application and/or uploaded documents.

Searching Job Postings and Sign Up for Job Alerts

  • Log into your account
  • Under the Job Postings tab, click on Search Jobs
  • Click the + sign to the Left of Ontario and then scroll down to South West
  • Check mark the white box for Lambton Kent District School Board
  • Click Yes to receive Job Alerts and then name your Job Alert (e.g. LKDSB)
  • Click Search to complete this process

How Do I Know I Have Applied Successfully?

You will receive three confirmations of your application:

  • A pop up advising you have applied successfully
  • An email confirmation that you have applied
  • The Job will appear in your Job Application Log under the Job Postings tab

Forgot Password?

  • If you forgot your username and/or password, click on 'Forgot Your Login?'
  • Your details will be emailed to you

For questions about Apply to Education, call: 1-877-900-5627 or Email: info@applytoeducation.comโ€‹