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Work Experience


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​Work experience is a component of a credit course, for example Careers (GLC 2O), that provides students with a learning opportunity in the workplace for a limited period of time – from one to four weeks. Students’ preparation for all forms of work experience must include instruction in job-readiness skills, health and safety procedures in the workplace, and school and placement expectations.

A Work Experience Learning Plan (WELP), which includes assessment criteria and is based on the curriculum expectations of the course must be developed in collaboration with the participating placement supervisor. Students at each placement should be visited at least once to ensure that their learning is related to the curriculum and workplace expectations outlined in their learning plans and that these expectations are being met. Students should be provided with opportunities to analyze their out-of-school experiences and to integrate them with their in-school learning.

Work experience opportunities enable many students with special learning needs to experience a variety of opportunities and to learn more about both themselves and the world of work.

Workplace Safety and Insurance Act coverage for students participating in work experience is provided through the Ministry of Education.​

​Program Information

​Credits Earned

​1 to 4 weeks



​Key Elements

  • planned learning opportunity, within any credit course, that provides students with relatively short-term work experiences.
  • These placements are usually one to two week’s duration and not to exceed four weeks.
  • Involves a short-term, subject-related work placement.
  • Forms an integral part of a specific credit course.
  • Requires pre-placement orientation.
  • Requires a Work Experience Learning Plan​