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Lambton Kent District School Board
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What Are My Opportunities?
​​We support students as they explore opportunities made available to them.  These opportunities can take many forms.  

Within our classrooms, teachers take advantage of digital and hands on learning experiences that help connect the content the students are learning to the real world.  These experiences can include opportunities such as,  guest speakers, field trips, and  digital explorations.

At the secondary level, students have the chance to take part in field trips, experiences and information sessions outside of class time that can link to their career exploration.  Schools regularly get invited to engage with community partners for learning extensions.  Samples of this can include connections to government, local industry, and community organizations tasked with sharing career and life exploration opportunities.   Topics range from social justice, health and wellness, skilled trades and more. Students and parents are encouraged to check the school websites, message boards or paper communications sent home by the school for more information.  In many schools, student services is the best place to go to learn about upcoming events and activities.

When it comes to special programming, we have many that allow students in secondary to dial into and explore a career sector while still in high school.  Click here to learn more about Experiential Learning in Secondary Schools.

At a community level, there are many local organizations that engage students.  Engaging in learning outside of the school environment is a great way to explore what opportunities exist in your home community.  Watch for information from community agencies, service clubs in your local papers, newsfeeds and social media to find ways to get involved. All students must complete community hours as a graduation requirement, but there is no stopping students from going above and beyond these requirements, in fact, that can help them expand their understanding of their community and themselves. Click here to learn more about the requirements for community hours and information about local opportunities.​

When it comes specifically to career and post-secondary exploration, we encourage all students grade 7 - 12 to use their myBlueprint account. Instructions for myBlueprint use can be found by clicking the box below.