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Lambton Kent District School Board
Every Student, Every Day
Great Lakes Secondary School

Atten​tion Students attending GLSS in September 

We have created a Google Classroom for you to engage in some transition fun and learning about our school.  If you have registered for GLSS for September 2022 and want in on the fun, email  to get the code to the classroom.  We are excited for you to join the Wolfpack!

Fun facts!

  • GLSS is located in School Bus Zone 2
  • Our Wolfpack school colours are blue, silver and black – for the beautiful water of the Great Lakes!
  • GLSS offers a Breakfast program for all students in the library before school and snacks throughout the day
  • Our cafeteria offers students  place to convene, connect, and eat great caf food or bagged lunches from home and it is a place where we host Tunes at Noon and other various entertaining activities from 10:45-11:35
  • If you miss something, we have an announcement board outside of the cafeteria so you can learn more there or online on the school website:
  • You will have your locker assigned at registration or the first day of school, it's yours for the duration of your time at GLSS - Locks are provided


Students will learn more about registration as we progress through the next few months.  Typically, we have a Grade 9 Registration and Orientation Day a week before classes begin. Registration fees you may be asked to pay include:
  • Student Activity Fees
  • Phys Ed Uniforms
  • Yearbook
  • Course Fees (classroom consumables that vary by subject)
We use school cash online to accept registration fees, field trips and other payments you may make to the school.  Closer to the start of school you can sign up for school cash online by visiting this link.

Community Service Hours

Did you know, students must complete 40 hours of community involvement in order to graduate?  Students are eligible to begin completing these hours as soon as they officially graduate grade 8!  Consider using the summer before Grade 9 begins to find ways to volunteer in our community.  We have lots of community events and organizations that could use your help!  Click here to view the requirements and/or download a tracking form .

GLSS Student Success Team

Our Student Success Team works with students, parents and teachers to ensure that a plan is put in place for each student to work toward achieving their credits.  Student success strategies may include extra help sessions, alternative work space, credit recover or credit rescue initiatives.  Students may be approached by members of this team during the course of the school year as an extra support.  Many of the student success strategies are available to all students. Ms. Kaija has a Student Success classroom and is available to provide extra help to students. During the first week, members of the Student Success Team will visit grade 9 Home Room classes so you will get to know these people early on.   

Student Resource Centre

The Resource Centre, facilitated by Ms. Fournie, is open to students who require extra assistance in any subject area, or an alternative space to work.  Students with Individualized Education Plans will meet with the Resource Teacher to review and discuss their IEP, annually, or as requested by the student, the parent, or the teacher.  If you have any questions regarding an IEP, please contact

The Den 

The Den, our Indigenous Student Centre is a caring and supportive classroom space with snacks and comfy furniture.  FNMI studens can join Brianna Cassidy for academic, social, cultural and emotional supports.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We have an amazing line up of extra-curricular activities at GLSS.  It is highly recommended that you get involved right from the start.  It will make your high school experience even more memorable and might actually improve your academic success since you learn how to balance your school work with the fun extra's and you master the time management skill!

Fall Sports:
Junior soccer, football, cross-country, tennis, golf, girls' basketball, boys' volleyball

Winter Sports:
Wrestling, hockey, boys' basketball, girls' volleyball, swimming

Spring Sports:
Senior soccer, rugby, track & field, badminton, baseball

  • Concert band, jazz band, stage band, choir, chamber choir, Tunes at Noon, the annual school show/musical
  • Art club, Student art show
  • Yearbook
  • Environmental Club
  • STEM Club
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Visionaries Club
  • CAP Sustainability
  • Key Club
  • Lunch Workouts
  • The Revue – a MUST for GLSS students!  It's our annual entertaining and amuse variety show!
*Teams and Clubs are subject to change annually depending on interest and staff advisors.

Wolfpack Wear

Ms. L. Nickles organizes our school clothing.  There will be ample opportunities to get school spiritwear.  More to follow once you arrive 😊

So…don't forget to email​ to get the code to our Grade 8-9 WELCOME Google Classroom!  You'll be glad you did.