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Lambton Kent District School Board
Every Student, Every Day
Chatham Kent Secondary School

​​​​​​​​CKSS Hawks.PNGAttention Students attending CKSS in September 2024

​​​We have created a google classroom for you to engage in some transition fun and learning about our school.  If you have registered for CKSS for September 2024 and want in on the fun, email​ or use this code to the Google Classroom - rde22se.  We are excited for you to join the CKSS Family!

CKSS 2024 Open House.jpg

Fun Facts!

  • CKSS has approximately 1,200 students, close to 250 who will be in grade 9 in September
  • CKSS has approximately 74 teachers and 5 Educational Assistants
  • CKSS is located in School Bus Zone 8
  • ​We communicate with parents by email, provide an email address to recieve school memos & school newsletters
  • You will have your locker assigned at registration or the first day of school. It's yours for the duration of your time at CKSS and a lock is provided
  • Our school colours are blue and gold.  
  • Our school teams are called the Golden Hawks. 
  • Our school motto is SCIENTIA PER USUM ... "Knowledge through Experience".


All students register at CKSS the last week in August.  Registration fees will be communicated to you in the summer.  Sample fees include:
  • Student Activity Fee
  • ​Gym Uniform
  • Classroom Consumables (varies with subject)​

Camp Hawk

Camp Hawk runs during the first week of school.  A great chance for grade 9 students to meet new friends and learn more about what CKSS has to offer.  Please check the CKSS website​ for all the information you will need!

camp hawk.PNG

The First Day at C.K.S.S.

​School begins in September, 2024 at 8:00 a.m.   First Period fun and introductions will be planned for all grade nine students.  Students will report to the Ed Myers gymnasium on the first day of school. 
Niner's Night is the 2nd week of September.  We would love to have all our grade nines attend, don't miss out!  


Your locker will be assigned on the day of registration or the first day of school.  Locks will be provided by the school. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR LOCK ON THE LOCKER.  Any student locks put on lockers prior to this time will be cut off. The school is not responsible for items taken from your locker.  Money or other valuables should not be left in your locker.  Leave them at home.  The locker you are assigned will be yours for the duration of your high school career.  Please take care of this locker as you are responsible for its condition.  Students are NOT allowed to share lockers.  Backpacks and coats are to be left in your lockers as they are a safety hazard in the classrooms. All locker concerns should be directed to the main office.​

The Student Handbook/Planner

An electronic version of the handbook/planner can be found on the CKSS website​.  Students should familiarize themselves with the rules and policies outlined in the handbook/planner.  

​Your Timetable

When you have paid your registration fees, you will receive only ONE timetable. Please make extra copies of your timetable in case you lose the original. 

Physical Education

Physical education students wear a white or yellow T-shirt (Hawk insignia), navy blue shorts (plain) and white socks.  These are sold at registration and at the school HAWK SHOP during the first week of school at a cost of approximately $25.00 including tax (cash only).  The HAWK SHOP is located on the first floor at the front of the school opposite the Student Services office.  We strongly recommend that you buy a uniform on registration day. 
Running shoes with a non-marking sole must be worn during all gym activities.  All students must carry a gym bag or backpack for their equipment.  ***STUDENTS SHOULD NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, LEAVE ANY MONEY OR VALUABLES IN THE CHANGE ROOM*** 
The school may make arrangements for students to use the school vault for large sums of money and valuables.

Peer Helpers and Peer Tutors

Grade 9 students have the opportunity to request a Peer Helper or Tutor.  Peer Helpers are senior students available to talk confidentially with grade 9 students to "help" them adjust socially.  Tutors are available to assist students academically.

School Photographs

​Photographs will be taken at the school.   These pictures will be used for both student cards and the yearbook.  Copies will be available for students to purchase if they so wish.   If you do not want your photograph placed in the yearbook, please contact the school and request a form to be filled out indicating your choice.

Dress Code​

The dress code is based on the premise that positive clothing projects a positive image.  Clothing that depicts alcohol, vulgarity, sexism, racism, profanity, illegal drugs and/or violence portrays a negative image.  By the same token, tank tops for boys and spaghetti straps and backless clothing for girls, and shorts and blouses that expose the midriff are also unacceptable.  Students will not wear shorts shorter than mid-thigh or clothing that shows underwear, or see through tops. Slips, bras, boxer shorts, etc. will not be worn as outerwear.  In essence, students are expected to dress in a neat, clean and respectable manner.  Footwear is essential at all times.  Student decision making in terms of what to wear is a learning experience; however, the final decision on matters of appropriateness, rests with the Principal.  A strict dress code exists in the technology area and the science labs for safety reasons.     ​

​The Cafeteria

​Students may purchase reasonably priced hot meals, sandwiches, salads etc. from the cafeteria.  They may also bring their own lunches and eat them in the cafeteria.  All food and drinks purchased in the cafeteria must be eaten there.  Microwaves are available to re-heat leftovers.
Eating In and Around the School
Eating in the school is permitted in the cafeteria only.  Food, snacks and beverages purchased at the variety stores must be eaten there, NOT on the school property.  Please use garbage and recycling receptacles provided on and around the school grounds.

CKSS Student Success Program

The Student Success Team works with school staff, students, parents and the wider community to ensure that, together, we help all students earn the credits necessary to graduate. Through Grade 8 to 9 Transition programs, credit recovery classes, after school homework help sessions, pathways programs, etc., CKSS is committed to the success of each and every student.

Your Student Council

​The Student Council consists of the following executive officers:  Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Secretary and Minister of Finance.  In addition to this executive, every homeroom elects a representative to the Council.  Their job is to make your concerns known to the Council and report meeting results to you.  You will have the opportunity to elect a homeroom representative in September.

Your Student Athletic Association

​The Student Athletic Association consists of students and staff advisors.  Its purpose is to assist in the operation of the athletic programme in the areas of fundraising, timing, scoring, selling foods, maintaining roster boards, and taking tickets at all athletic events.  You do not have to be an athlete to join.  You just have to be a willing worker. 

Team Sports and Clubs

Baseball  Visual Arts ClubMath Enrichment
  Basketball                         Soccer  Bands Musical
  Cross CountryVolleyball  School Reach TeamInteract Club
  Curling   CheerleadingSkills Canada Club
  Football   Computer ClubYearbook
  Golf   Improv TeamScience Olympics
  Hockey Boys   Drama ClubChristian Fellowship
  Hockey Girls   Chess ClubAnti-Bullying
  Rugby-Girls  Student Athletic AssociationArts Council
  Tennis   Dance TeamNational Theatre School 
  Track & Field   ChoirGay Straight Alliance