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Lambton Kent District School Board
Every Student, Every Day

Web Design

The Lambton Kent District School Board's (LKDSB) website is an important communications tool for engaging with students, staff, parents/guardians and the community, as well as providing important and relevant information about the LKDSB.

In March 2017, the LKDSB implemented a new website redesign, which features responsive design that is mobile-friendly. The website also meets WCAG 2.0 Level A, as required by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) for new school board websites created after 2013. Google Translate is used as a language translator. 

Other key areas of the redesigned website: 
  • Newsletter management tool allows visitors to subscribe to newsletters or other electronic mailings;
  • Calendar subscription option allows visitors to subscribe to calendars with their mobile devices or into other calendar programs; and
  • Social media integration allows feeds to be displayed on websites.

Website Image Dimensions

Image TypePixel Dimensions (Width x Height)
Board Logo467 x 125
School Logos184 x 120
Board Home Page Banner1024 x 380
School Home Page Banner– 1/2 size585 x 380
School Home Page Banner– full size1024 x 380
News & Announcements—Full width banner650 x Optional Height
News & Announcements—Square/Rectangle350 x Optional Height
Inside Pages—Full width banner700 x Optional Height
Inside Pages—Square/Rectangle200 x Optional Height
Inside Pages—no left menu1024 x Optional Height
Headshots160 x 180


Minimum: 72dpi (recommended is 96 or 150 dpi)

Image Compression Information

Tiny PNG—

· Can bulk upload images using drag and drop
· Images can be downloaded to computer
· Maintains a good quality versus size balance

When to use: Tiny PNG should be your go-to image compressor. For the majority of projects and images, Tiny PNG will get the job done by decreasing size while maintaining quality. Please note: images are stored temporarily on this site and deleted after 24-48 hours. Images are not used for any other purposes. 
Resize Photos—

· Includes a resizing feature. This will allow you to compress pictures and resize it at the same time

When to use: Use when you want to both compress and change the size of a picture.

· Allows you to upload up to 20 images at a time which can be downloaded as a ZIP file

When to use: Optimizilla is ideal when you need to compress a bulk of images at once. Please note: all images uploaded are deleted after 1 hour. Images are not used for any other purposes.

Updating School / Board Websites

Information for staff about editing of websites can be found on the Staff Intranet.

Image Optimization Information.pdf

About Image Optimization.pdf