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K-12 Cyber Awareness Month

​​cam banner.png​During the past few years, we have seen the adoption of digital solutions and the internet at an unprecedented pace in every aspect of our lives – for work, education and staying connected with friends and loved ones. This quick and vast adoption of digital technology has increased cyber risks and online threats. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of this exponential increase in internet usage and continue to look for new ways to exploit users, irrespective of age.

We can all do our part to increase awareness related to cyber security, cyber safety, and online privacy. Learning to be cyber safe and secure is essential to making our online experience more secure, fun, and rewarding.

By adopting safe and secure practices you are not only protecting yourself, but also reducing the likelihood of cyber-attacks against all members of the school community. We can make our online and virtual lives safer for everyone by developing and maintaining personal safe online habits. ​​


October is K-12 ​Cyber Awareness Month​

The K-12 Cyber Awareness Month campaign is an annual event occurring in October with the goal of promoting safer and more secure online and digital technology practices across publicly funded schools in Ontario. The campaign includes multiple tailored resources covering best practices in cyber safety, cyber security, and online privacy for K-12.​

The theme of the K-12 campaign this year is "Together we rise: Cyberheroes unite for online safety!"​

Weekly To​​pics

Each week in October promotes a specific topic. Click on the week to learn more about the topics.

​​Access the Cyber Awareness Calendar

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