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Count Me In LKDSB Staff Census

​​CensusLogo-1.pngThe Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB) has released the results from the Count Me In LKDSB Staff Census, which was conducted November 18-December 12, 2022.

The voluntary, anonymous and confidential Staff Census was conducted by a third-party c​onsultant, Turner Consulting Group, and is intended to gather demographic information about the unique and diverse composition of LKDSB employees. The release of the Staff Census is a follow-up to the LKDSB's Student Demographic Data Census, which provides information about the LKDSB's student population.

Of LKDSB's 3,377 employees, a total of 2,282 responded to the survey, with 2,219 agreeing to participate and 63 indicating that they did not wish to participate.

In November 2022, the LKDSB launched the Staff Census to collect information to better understand the diversity of its employees. The Staff Census was designed to support the Board's goals to:

  • Assess how well the Board's workforce compares to the diversity of the community it serves, and
  • Develop and implement strategies, programs, and policies to ensure that staff reflect the diversity of the populations served and address the needs of a diverse workforce.

Turner Consulting Group issued key findings and recommendations to help inform future system planning to support the needs of LKDSB's workforce and student population. The key findings are in the areas of response rate; persons with disabilities; Indigenous and racialized employees; employees from non-Christian religions; and 2SLGBTQ+ employees.

Read the complete LKDSB Staff Census Report​ and Executive Summary of key findings and recommendation, along with additional LKDSB information outlining key initiatives related to the recommendations.

The results of the Staff Census will help LKDSB achieve the goal of increasing the diversity of its workforce to reflect the diversity of the students it serves. The data will also help foster an inclusive work environment where employees can bring their full selves to work, access opportunities to be productive, and grow as professionals.

In alignment with the LKDSB's Strategic Priority of “Inclusive Diversity: Championing anti-oppressive education" and the Ontario Human Rights Code, the LKDSB's Operational Plan outlines strategies to remove barriers in education and employment. Future planning will include goals and strategies that are in alignment with the hiring, retention and advancement recommendations outlined in the Staff Census report.

Additionally, the LKDSB will be working with a consultant to develop and implement an equity audit in follow-up to the Staff Census and the Demographic Data Student Census. This will provide additional information to help support future planning and decision-making.

The LKDSB plans to complete a follow-up Staff Census in the coming years.

Staff Census Questions

The voluntary, anonymous and confidential Staff Census was conducted by a third-party consultant, Turner Consulting Group. The survey consisted of 12 questions (see below) and took respondents less than 10 minutes to complete.

Organizational Demographics

1.    Please identify the federation, union, or association which reflects your job responsibilities at LKDSB? (Select all that apply)

2.    What is your employment status at LKDSB? (Select the one which most applies to you.)

3.    How many years of experience do you have as an employee with LKDSB, including both occasional/supply work and permanent experience?

4.    Please identify the primary geographic region in which you work: (Select one)

5.    How many years of experience do you have as an employee with LKDSB, including both occasional/supply work and permanent experience?

Workforce Demographics

6.    To which age group do you belong?

7.    Do you self-identify as living with a disability? What is the nature of your condition or disability? (Select all that apply)

8.    Which race category best describes you? Please select all that apply.

9.    Do you identify as First Nations, Métis, and/or Inuit?

10.  Indicate any religion or spirituality with which you identify. (Select all that apply)

11.  Which of the following describes your gender identity. (Select all that apply)

12.  Which of the following describes your sexual orientation? (Select all that apply)


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The LKDSB employs teaching, support, and administrative staff to serve 21,900 students in 50 elementary and 12 secondary schools throughout Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent. Visit the LKDSB Employment website to learn about available employment opportunities.

The LKDSB is committed to supporting inclusive and equitable learning and work environments for all. Through our recruitment and selection processes, we strive to provide a qualified workforce that reflects the diversity of our communities.