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Community Threat Assessment Protocol

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Violence Threat Risk Assessment 

​The safety of students and staff is an ongoing priority at the Lambton Kent District School Board. The Board’s Belief Statements and policies underscore the importance of providing learning environments that are safe and caring, and that everyone has the right to be safe and feel safe in their school community. There are many initiatives in place to support our schools as safe places for students to learn. One important aspect of this overall effort is the training of all Board administrators and other staff in Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA). 

The Lambton Kent District School Board was one of the first Boards in the province to implement the coordinated training of multi-disciplinary Violence Threat Risk Assessment Teams (school principals, police, psychology department staff, and others). These teams work to assess potentially high risk student behaviour and evaluate the level of risk to others and the student exhibiting the behaviour. This training and response plan was developed by Kevin Cameron, Director of the Canadian Centre for Threat and Risk Assessment.

What is the purpose of Violence Threat Risk Assessment?

  • To help ensure the safety of students, staff and parents.
  • To gather information related to situations or behaviour of concern, and to assess that information to determine a course of action
  • To develop an intervention plan that addresses the emotional and physical safety of the threat maker and others. 

What behaviours initiate a Violence Threat Risk Assessment?

Any behaviour that places self or others at risk of harm, including but not limited to the following:

  • Serious violence with the intent to kill or harm
  • Verbal/written threats to kill others (clear, direct and plausible) including web-based
  • Possession of weapons, including replicas
  • Sexual intimidation or assault
  • Bomb threats (making and/or detonating explosive devices)
  • Fire setting

A Violence Threat Risk Assessment may also be initiated because of the context of a particular situation, or student behaviour that has become worrisome, or has seen to be escalating over time.

What is a Threat Assessment Team?

In the event that a threat assessment is necessary, the school principal, local police, and a member of the board’s psychology department would meet as the initial step. Additional steps would involve other board personnel, as well as representatives from community agencies as appropriate.  

Duty to Report

In order to keep our school communities safe, the Lambton Kent District School Board expects anyone in a school community having knowledge of high-risk student behaviour or having reasonable grounds to believe there is a potential for high-risk or violent behaviour to promptly report the information to the school principal.  

For further information

Contact your school principa​l.

From the Canadian Center for Threat Assessment and Trauma Response:

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From the National Child Traumatic Stress Network: 

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