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Lambton Kent District School Board
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Black Heritage


Black History is annually celebrated during the month of February, but the role of African Canadians in our history and society is embedded in Lambton Kent District School Board curriculum throughout the year.

In addition to activities promoted during the month of February, LKDSB students, families and staff members are invited to explore the rich history in the surrounding area and learn more about how African Canadian history can be incorporated into the curriculum.

The LKDSB is also committed to supporting Ontario's Anti-Black Racism Strategy.

Black Heritage Symposium – Education Week

During Education Week, the LKDSB's Equity and Inclusive Committee is hosting teachers and students in Grades 5-8 for the annual Black Heritage Symposium. Participants of the symposium will learn about the importance of black heritage and identity, and visit Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site.

The purpose of this event is to build capacity within LKDSB schools and communities and to create a safe and caring learning environment that is strengthened by embracing diversity, and respecting self, others and the world around us. The Symposium is intended to meet the learning needs and interests of all students and staff through diverse programming. The keynote speakers offer programs rich in black history, as well as dynamic and interactive.

The Heritage Symposium aims to:

  • Build capacity and understanding about black heritage and identity.
  • Collaborate and connect with experts and learn effective strategies and solutions to empower racialized students.
  • Meet the learning needs and interests of all students and staff through the provision of the diverse programs.

Teaching in the Inclusive Classroom - Provincial Knowledge Exchange (PKE)

As part of the Provincial Knowledge Exchange PKE Project, members of the LKDSB's Equity and Inclusive Committee are working with members of the Heritage Committee to explore the various ways LKDSB teachers can embed more effective and inclusive teaching strategies into their daily practice. This will allow educators to better understand, connect with, and empower students of all cultures in their classrooms.

Chatham-Kent has a rich cultural history. Building on the success of last year's Black Heritage Symposium, the LKDSB's Equity and Inclusive Committee will leverage the support and expertise of local thought leaders and experts. Representatives from Buxton National Historic Site and Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site will help to inspire, inform and equip teachers to engage their students in deeper thinking about race and culture. 

Additional information and resources

​Buxton National Historic Site

Buxton National Historic Site aims to provide educational programming to support students in gaining a better understanding of the roots of racial prejudices, as well as the progress that has been made since the era of the Underground Railroad, in eradicating those prejudices from our society. The Museum's main purpose is to collect, preserve, exhibit, and interpret historical artifacts related to the Elgin (Buxton) Settlement from its founding in 1849 to the late 19th century. 

​Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society/Black Mecca Museum

The Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society celebrates black history found in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and the City of Chatham.

​Uncle Tom’s Cabin Historic Site

Uncle Tom's Cabin Historic Site commemorates the life of Rev. Josiah Henson (1796-1883). This historic site recognizes Rev. Henson’s contributions to the abolition movement and his work in the Underground Railroad, as well as his connection to Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

​LKDSB Staff Intranet Link to Black History Resources/Content

Staff Intranet Link to Black History Resources