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Important Update for Secondary Students and Parents/Guardians

April 08, 2020

Dear Secondary Students, Parents and Guardians: 

On March 31, the Minister of Education announced that all publicly funded schools would remain closed until May 4. During this period of school closure, the government expects that every student will continue to learn. While teaching and learning in this evolving context will not look the same as the customary in-class experience, our goal over the coming weeks is to support students to advance to the next school year, earn credits and to graduate.

Learning Guidelines for students in Grades 9-12 

In the coming weeks, teacher-led, staff supported remote student learning will provide the opportunity for students to be engaged in learning for about 3 hours per week per course. This includes any teaching time led by teachers, as well as time for students to be engaged in the learning tasks independently. Given the range of circumstances of students and their families, continuity of learning may require a range of delivery options that are reasonable and practical. Over the last few weeks teachers have been re-engaging students via virtual learning tools. Students who have not been contacted by their teacher by Wednesday, April 8 are asked to contact their school principal. We are currently finalizing plans for the distribution of IT devices to families and additional information regarding LKDSB device lending is forthcoming.

Graduating students 

Students scheduled to graduate are a priority. The Ministry of Education has stated that graduating students should not have their graduation impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, all Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB) students on track to graduate will be supported to graduate. The graduation requirement to complete 40 hours of community involvement is suspended for this school year. As well, the requirement for the completion of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test will not be a barrier for graduating students.

Mid-term marks for graduating students will be entered in order to meet the deadlines for Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) and the Ontario College Application Service (OCAS). In determining mid-year marks for the admissions process, teachers may use evidence that reflects work completed prior to the school closure period (prior to March 13), as well as provide opportunity for students to submit a missed and/or additional assignment to demonstrate their learning. Any assignment submitted after March 13 may only be used to improve a student's mark should it demonstrate further achievement of expectations.

Civics and Careers half-credit courses 

For students enrolled in Civics and Careers half-credit courses this semester, teachers will determine the final mark for the half-credit course underway at the time of school closure by using evidence that reflects work completed up to and including March 13. Students may be given an opportunity to submit a missed assignment or complete an additional assignment to improve their mark if they are able to demonstrate further achievement of expectations.  Any assignment submitted after March 13 may only be used to improve a student's mark should it demonstrate further achievement of expectations and provide a more accurate reflection of their learning. Students will begin work on the other half-credit course scheduled for this semester on April 8.

Mid-term Report Cards 

The requirement to issue mid-term (March/April) report cards for all secondary students, including graduating students, is suspended for this school year. Mid-term report cards will not be issued.

Final Report Cards for Secondary Students  

Final report cards with final course marks will be issued for all secondary students in June.

Should you have any specific questions, please contact your school.

John Howitt
Director of Education