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School Council

The GLSS School Council is made up of parents, staff representatives, community members and the principal.  The School Council provides a forum for people interested in public education to work cooperatively to develop common goals and plans to strengthen schools in order to improve student achievement.  The Council meets regularly to discuss a variety of topics relevant to the school community.  Input from the various council members shapes school policies and priorities.  Meetings of the School Council are public.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


Next meeting:  Tuesday, September 17, Room 1012. 


LKDSB School Councils Policy

LKDSB School Councils Regulation

LKDSB School Councils Administrative Procedure


Principal Profile 2018-11-13.pdf  

Annual Report 20182019.pdf

Annual Report 20172018.pdf 

Annual Report 20162017.pdf


2019-2020​ School Year


School Council Members

Chair:  Alexandra Smith

Vice-Chair:  Renata de Rechter-Kayser


Parent Members:

     Terri Hall

     Jacqueline Knapp

     Tim Knapp

     Beth Mowe

Community Representative: Vacant

Staff Representative:  

Student Representative:  

Principal:  Jim Stewart


2018-2019 School Year

2019-03-19 ROA.pdf

2019-03-19 Agenda.pdf

2019-01-21 ROA.pdf        

2019-01-21 Agenda.pdf

2018-11-13 ROA.pdf

2018-11-13 Agenda.pdf

2018-09-18 ROA.pdf  

2018-09-18 Agenda.pdf


2017-2018 School Year

2018-05-16 ROA.pdf

2018-05-16 Agenda.pdf

2018-03-21 ROA.pdf 

2018-03-21 Agenda.pdf

2018-01-25 ROA.pdf

2018-01-25 Agenda.pdf

2017-11-24 ROA.pdf

2017-11-30 Agenda.pdf 

2017-10-24 ROA.pdf 

2017-10-24 Agenda.pdf

2017-09-19 ROA.pdf 

2017-09-19 Agenda.pdf  


2016-2017 School Year

2017-05-29 ROA.pdf  

2017-05-29 Agenda.pdf

2017-03-27 ROA.pdf

2017-03-27 Agenda.pdf

2017-01-16 ROA.pdf

2017-01-16 Agenda.pdf

2016-11-28 ROA.pdf

2016-11-28 Agenda.pdf

2016-10-19 ROA.pdf

2016-10-19 Agenda.pdf

2016-09-20 ROA.pdf

2016-09-20 Agenda.pdf





Great Lakes Secondary School
340 Murphy Road, Sarnia, ON, N7S 2X1
Principal: Derek Stenton
Vice Principal: Marie Anger
Vice Principal: Marc Coates

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