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Educational research and experience suggests that student achievement and success occur when parents, teachers, school administration, and the broader community work together to have high expectations for our students as well as ourselves.  We believe that all students can learn, progress, and achieve at high levels given time and support.  Therefore, our plan this year is to continue to develop a culture of high expectations as evidenced by:

  • Regular attendance – Students need to attend class to be taught, to learn with and from other students, to receive ongoing descriptive feedback from their teachers, and to be evaluated with integrity.  Each class will be meaningful, relevant, and productive.  
  • Student advocacy – Students will be explicitly taught learning skills and how to advocate for themselves.  This will be an emphasis for students who have individual education plans (IEPs).
  • Achieving at high levels – The provincial standard is a 70-79% (level 3).  Experience shows that students who do not achieve at this level or higher are not adequately prepared for the next grade level.  Incentives, support, and encouragement will be given for students to achieve at these levels.  For example, students in certain grade nine and ten courses who achieve at least a level three or four and meet attendance expectations will have the option of not writing the final exam.
  • Student academic support
    • Assistance in class, at lunch, and after school will be available for struggling students.
    • Peer tutors will be available in many grade nine and ten courses.
    • Our student success teacher and resource teacher will be available for academic support.
  • Parental communication – Teachers will contact parents as learning, behavioural, or social/emotional challenges arise.  Parents are asked to also communicate when there are questions or concerns.


Notice About Parking

Adequate parking has been an issue at Great Lakes.  There are 90 parking spots available for close to 100 staff members.  Any vehicle that is parked at the school, 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and does not have a Staff Parking Permit clearly visible in the windshield, is subject to towing at the owner's expense. Unauthorized vehicles will be towed by Preferred Towing, 46 Indian Road South, 519-344-7277.  The cost to claim one's vehicle is about $144.  Free parking is available to students at the Sarnia Arena via an agreement with the City of Sarnia. 

Three accessible parking spots are available on the east side of the school.  Vehicles parked in these spots should have an accessibility permit displayed.  Eight visitor parking sports are available on the west side of the school.  These spots should not be used by staff or students.

Thanks to everyone for making this solution work well.

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Great Lakes Secondary School
340 Murphy Road, Sarnia, ON, N7S 2X1
Principal: Paul Wiersma
Vice Principal: Jeremy Gower
Vice Principal: Caroline White

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