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Staff List


​Mr. Paul Wiersma​Principal
​Mr. Jeremy Gower​Vice Principal
​Mrs. Caroline White​Vice Principal


Office Staff

Mrs. N. ​HarrettOffice Supervisor
Mrs. J. ​Brennan​Student Services
Mrs. J. Nemcek​Student Records
Mrs. J. CollierReception/Attendance​
Mrs. E. Kelly​Reception/Attendance


Ms. D. ​McCaffreyLibrary Supervisor
Ms. ​A. Dighe​Library Clerk


​Ms. C. Belan
Ms. S. Crevier
Ms. J. McPherson
​Ms. S. Muxlow
Ms. K. ​Powell
Ms. T. Van Heyst


Marlene MaddocksMental Health Worker
Dallas SinopoleNative Cultural Worker


Teaching Staff

Mr. D. BairdMathematics
Mr. R. ​Bedard​Curriculum Leader - Student Services
​Ms. D. BelandFrench
Ms. D. ​Bracewell​Science
Ms. A. ​Brand​Health and Physical Education, Family Studies
Ms. A. ​Brander​Curriculum Leader - English and Drama
Ms. E. ​Bruce​Curriculum Leader - Technology, Communications Technology
Mr. B. ​Burnham​Health and Physical Education, Geography
​Ms. C. Carson​English
Mr. L. ​Chapple​Transportation Technology
Mr. E. ​Clarke​Business
Mr. B. ​Coleman​Science, Civics, Career Studies
Ms. H. ​Cornelious​Mathematics
Mr. B. ​Cornell​Curriculum Leader - Special Education, Resource
Mr. C. Courtney​Computer Engineering Technology, Geography, Careers/Civics
Ms. H. Crick​History, Social Sciences
Mr. B. ​Darbyson​Manufacturing Technology
Ms. C. ​Dath-McLellanCurriculum Leader - Social Sciences & Humanities, Visual Arts, Music
Ms. J. ​Denes​Curriculum Leader - Science
Ms. H. ​Di Murro​Law, History
​Ms. E. DunlopFamily Studies, Social Science, English, ESL
Ms. T. ​Ferguson​Family Studies
Ms. L. ​Finlayson​Visual Arts
Mr. P. ​FrayneCurriculum Leader - Health and Physical Education
Ms. E. GagneMusic
Mr. C. ​Griffiths​Geography
Ms. D. ​​Griffiths​Mathematics, Business
Ms. A. Grondin​Ojibwe, Family Studies
Ms. L. ​Hamill​Co-op
Ms. K. ​Hazzard​English
Ms. B. HuybersCurriculum Leader - ​Mathematics and Business
Ms. K. Kaija​Student Success
Mr. P. Kaija​Health and Physical Edcucation, History
​Ms. T. KrugerGeography
Ms. K. ​L'Heureux​Guidance, Peer Tutoring
Mr. S. ​Lynch​English
Ms. L. ​MancusiEnglish, English as a Second Language
Mr. D. ​Marr​Mathematics, Resource
Mr. S. ​McLellan​Science
Mr. T. ​MolyneauxCareer Studies, Civics
Mr. D. ​NettletonConstruction Technology
Ms. A. ​Oreskovich​ALLP (Special Needs)
Ms. A. ​Piper​History
Ms. R. ​Rajput​ALLP (Special Needs)
Ms. B. ​Shaw​Science
Mr. K. ​Shaw​Mathematics
Mr. T. ​Shaw​Physics, Mathematics
Mr. J. ​Skinner​Health and Physical Education, Geography
​Mr. C. Sommer​English
Mr. J. ​Spadafora​Computer Studies, Mathematics
Mr. A. ​Spettigue​English
​Mr. B. Starrett​Mathematics
Mr. S. ​Stewardson​Science
​Ms. A. Tsaprailis​Visual Arts
Mr. B. ​Vale​Health and Physical Education, Mathematics
Ms. D. ​VienneauCurriculum Leader - Languages, ​Drama, Spanish
Ms. S. ​Wright​Health and Physical Education, History


Great Lakes Secondary School
340 Murphy Road, Sarnia, ON, N7S 2X1
Principal: Paul Wiersma
Vice Principal: Jeremy Gower
Vice Principal: Caroline White

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