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John McGregor Secondary School

Staff List

Administration Staff

​Mr. Don Zondag
Mr. Jayson Campeau
Vice Principal​

Office Staff

Daugherty, K.
Office Supervisor​
Schoon, L.Secretary​
​Laporte, M.
​Paradis, G.
​Hamilton, J.
​Student Services

Teaching Staff

NameSubject Area
​Baird, G.​History, Native Studies
​Barr, D.​Civics/English
​Barrett, J.Design ​Technology
​Bovin, C.​Phys. Ed., Careers
​Bramham, C.​Special Education
​Carleton, C.​Guidance, Phys. Ed.
​Cazabon, J.​Co op
​Chinnik, P.Technology, ​Math
​Clarke, J.​Business, Online Learning
​Clarke, L.​Special Education
​Crooks Mulder, L.​Sociology, Parenting
​DeKoning, B.Visual ​Art
​DeNure, C.​Geography, Business
​DeNure, H.​Resource
​Flamminio, T.Science, Phys. Ed
​Fung, E.​Phys. Ed
​Gall, K.​Co op, Technology
​Harwood, S.History, Civics/Careers​
​Hendrie, A..​Phys. Ed.
​Hendrie, T.
​English, Learning Strategies
​Hiltz, M.​Special Education
​Jackson, C.​Foods
​​Johnson, N.​History
​Kloostra, J.
Knight, C.
​​Kuni, K.​Math
​Lally, C.
​Locke, K.
​​McQuade, J.Visual ​Art
​Micks, R.
Hospitality & Tourism, English as a Second Language
​Mitchell, S.​English
Orr, J.
Page, T.
​Pearson, D.​Drama, English
​Peel, C.
​English, Yearbook
​Regan, L.​Guidance
​​Regan, T.​Science, Student Success
​Rieger, S.
​Special Education
​Rodriguez, S.​French, English
Roesch, J​.
Roffel, J.​Phys. Ed., Science
​​Ross, C.​Music
​Stonehouse, J.
​Automotive Technology
Swayze, R.
​Computer Technology
​Thibault, J.​Hairstyling and Aesthetics
​​Terry, V.​English, Literacy
​Van Kesteren, P.
​Construction Technology
​​Vandersluis, B.​Geography
Wilson, K.
​Wolting, J.
​Special Education, Math
​Youlton, B​Business


John McGregor Secondary School
300 Cecile Ave, Chatham, ON, N7M 2C6
Principal: Don Zondag
Vice Principal: Jayson Campeau
Bus Zone: 7, 8BUS STATUS

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