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Every grade 10 student in Ontario needs to write the OSSLT. Your success on this test is a mandatory component of your graduating high school, along with your 30 credits and 40 community involvement hours.

OSSLT Information, Resources, and Practice Tests

What will be expected?

  • Writing Tasks
  • Open Responses
  • Multiple Choice

What Else you Need to Know

  • Literacy Test is completed in one day
  • Two booklets must be completed
  • You will be given 2 test booklets and 1 student answer sheet

Types of Writing Tasks

  • News Article
  • Series of Paragraphs
  • 2 Short Writing Tasks (need your own prior knowledge and personal experiences; not connected to the readings)
  • Summary Writing is connected to the reading

What You Will Need

  • Pen (Blue or Black Ink)
  • Pencil
  • Highlighter
  • You need to be comfortable reading:
    • Informational texts (200-220 words)
      • Paragraph
      • News Reports
    • Narrative texts
      • Dialogue (225 words)
      • Real-Life narrative (600 words)
    • Graphic Texts
      • (100-150 words)
  • Types of questions you can expect will include:
    • Multiple Choice
    • Open-response (6 lines each)
  • So focus on ...
    • understanding directly stated ideas and information (explicit)
    • making connections between information and ideas in a reading selection and personal knowledge and experience  
    • Understanding indirectly stated ideas and information (implicit)
  • Writing tasks you can expect to do:
    • News Reports
      • 1 page in length
      • Focus on the W5H, quotes, paragraph length, etc.
    • Short writing tasks
      • Six lines each
      • Support your personal opinion on a topic
    • Series of paragraphs expressing an opinion
      • 2 pages
      • Organizational
    • Summary with the reading
      • Six lines
  • For the writing, you will be evaluated on:
    • Organization of ideas
    • Sentence and paragraph structure
    • Language conventions: use of capitalization and punctuation
  • So Focus on:
    • Developing a main idea with sufficient supporting details
    • organizing information and ideas in a coherent/logical manner
    • using spelling, grammar and punctuation conventions in a manner that does not distract from clear communication



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