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Chatham Kent Secondary School

Teams and Clubs

CKSS has a number of teams & clubs for students to participate in all throughout the school year.

Anti-Bullying Team - Ms. Lesy

Art Club -  Mrs. Myers

Arts Council - Mrs. Lesy

Art Advisors Ms. Melanie Randall and Ms. Hillary Randall

Badminton - Senior/Junior

Band - Mrs. Baribeau

Athletic Contacts  and Coaches - please see list on bulletin board outside Athletic Office

Basketball - Senior/Junior/Midget Girls

Basketball - Senior/Junior/Midget Boys

Book Club

Camp Hawk - Mr. Wood

Cheerleading Co-Ed

Chess Club

Choir - Mrs. Barbieau

Christian Fellowship - Mrs. Derynck

Cross Country


Dance Team - Mrs. M. Randall

Environmental Club - Mr. Willliams

Football - Senior/Junior Boys

Gay-Straight Alliance - Mrs. Mayne


Interac Club - Mrs. Rankin

Junior Concert Band

Hockey - Boys/Girls

IMPROV Team - Mrs. St. Peter Catton

Interact Club - Mrs. Rankin

Math Clubs - Mr. VanHorn

Musical - Mrs. Barbieau

Peer Tutors - Mrs. Lesy

Prom Dance Team

Reach Team - Senior/Junior

Remembrance Day Assembly

Rugby - Girls

Sears Drama Festival - Mrs. St. Peter Catton

Soccer - Senior Boys / Senior Girls

Soccer - Junior Boys/Girls

Speaking Contests

Spirit Girls Team

Softball - Girls

Student Athletic Association - Mrs. Crow

Student Council - Mrs. Bradley

Track and Field


Volleyball-Senior / Junior / Midget Girls

Volleyball-Senior/Junior/Midget Boys

Writing Contests

Yearbook - Sales in AUG - NOV - TBA

There are several other clubs/teams at CKSS.  Just listen to the daily announcements for more information.

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Chatham Kent Secondary School
285 McNaughton Ave E, Chatham, ON, N7L 2G7
Principal: Murray Hunt
Vice Principal: Bernadette Bruette
Vice Principal: Shea VanderGriendt
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