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Student Council


Student Council Executives

Teacher Advisors: C. Fisher,  S. Richmond & K. Fryer

Prime Minister
Ahmed Zafar
​Deputy Prime Ministers
Anna Bradley
​Minister of FinanceRory Elson
​Minister of Social Activities/DanceKent Mosey
​Minister of Communications
Cora Holt
​Minister of Community Affairs
Anya Russolo
​Class Representatives
Grade 12- George Tsinias & Tara Myers
Grade 11- Wania Noor & Bridget Hunt
Grade 10- Nanami Shaw & Olivia Long
Grade 9- Fauzan Khan & Maryam Ashraf


Chatham Kent Secondary School
285 McNaughton Ave E, Chatham, ON, N7L 2G7
Principal: Ben Lawton
Vice Principal: Janet Lindsay
Vice Principal: Cal DeNure
Bus Zone: 7, 8BUS STATUS

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