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North Lambton Secondary School
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Exams and Final Evaluations

Five days are allocated at the end of each semester for the scheduling of formal exams and other final evaluations. This includes an allowance for inclement weather. Each school year these dates are clearly indicated (with an "E") on the LKDSB School Year Calendar which is posted online. Each secondary school will communicate its final exam schedule prior to the exams beginning by posting the schedule throughout the school and on the school website.  The exams will be conducted in accordance with the Ontario Education Act, associated Regulations, and Ontario Schools 2016.  They will also be implemented in accordance with the LKDSB Policies on Attendance and the current LKDSB Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines.  If a major cultural or religious holiday occurs during an exam period, then LKDSB Senior Administration will provide direction to Principals.

Absences:  All students are expected to write all of their final exams and other evaluations. Sometimes there are exceptional circumstances which may necessitate the rescheduling of a student's final exam (see approved absences below). Only the school Principal or their designate can approve an absence or rescheduling date during the scheduled exam days.

Approved Absences

Non-Approved Absences

  • bereavement
  • legal matters (as supported by court documents)
  • student`s personal illness – supported by a medical note
  • family vacations or weddings
  • sporting events
  • early exit to seek employment, mission trips or summer camps
  • any other circumstance not listed in approved absences


Notification Process:  Any student (18 years old and over), or the parent/guardian of student under the age of 18, who may be absent from an exam should contact the school Principal as soon as possible prior to the scheduled exam date and time and provide documentation as may be requested.  Any exceptional circumstance that might result in a request for the rescheduling of a final exam should be submitted to the school Principal at least two weeks prior to the scheduled exam date and time.

All efforts will be made to reschedule an exam (by 2:30 on the last scheduled day of exams) if necessary. Any absence from an exam for any reason that has not been approved by the school Principal can result in a mark of zero and could impact negatively on credit achievement and graduation requirements. Teachers, in consultation with their Principal, will use their professional judgement in establishing a final course mark for students.



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