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Harriett Jacobs Center
​​The Harriet Jacobs Centre is located in Room 115 at W.D.S.S., and is home to the Walpole Island First Nation Secondary School Program. The Centre employs 3 Education Workers who provide on site services for the 150+ First Nation students and are liaisons between the students, school, family and Walpole Island First Nation community.

Donovan Jacobs- Program Coordinator
Donovan is responsible for overseeing the Secondary School Program, and the Secondary School Program Team that facilitates and provides on-site services to Walpole Island First Nation students at WDSS. Donovan coordinates all program development and implementation at the secondary level, and prepares and monitors budget requirements.

Nanette Kewayosh- Attendance Worker
Nanette is responsible for attendance for Walpole Island First Nation at WDSS. Nanette is a liaison between students, school, family and community.

Robin Isaac- Career Advisor
Robin provides direction for all WIFN student to continue their education in to occupational or other post-secondary education.


Wallaceburg District Secondary School
920 Elgin St, Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 3E1
Principal: Jeremy Gower
Vice Principal: Lisa Fox
Vice Principal: Steve Bird

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