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Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Chatham
Message from the Principal

Community of Queen Elizabeth II P.S.

We are most fortunate within our school to have the dedication of staff and students - a dedication to doing our best, working together to achieve goals and striving to get better each day. The school is positively driven by a staff tha is committed to bringing out the very best in each student - highlighting the successes and looking to support areas of need. The support is unwavering as is motivated by a wish to see all students experience success each day. There is unquestionably a spirit of team and unification apparent each day, underscoring all that happens.

Our students display a strong sense of pride and belief in our school. Our student developed GO KNIGHTS program highlights this in a genuine and reflective way:

G ratitude

O ptimism

K indness

N eed for Knowledge

I nclusion

G rit

H onour

T eamwork

S upport

We strive to exemplify all that is good about these traits inside and outside of school. Well-being remains a priority in each of our classrooms as we balance​ the social emotional health and academic growth of students.

I am thrilled to be a member of this school and am truly honoured to be a "Knight"

Josh Alward


Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Chatham
79 Eugenie St, Chatham, ON, N7M 3Y9
Principal: Jennifer Goodal
Vice Principal: Jenna Southen

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