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Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Chatham
Queen Elizabeth II opened its doors in September, 1953. The much smaller building was composed of 6 classrooms, a kindergarten, an auditorium, a teachers’ room, nurse’s room, principal’s office and washrooms. It was Chatham’s fifth new school to be built since the end of World War II. Mr. Bev. Echlin became the school’s first principal.

As provincial elementary enrolment was going up by 50 000 students a year, it was soon necessary to add an addition of six more classrooms just two years later.

Due to the number of new homes being built in the area, pupil accommodation was again a problem, and six more classrooms (North Wing) were added in 1959.

In 1963 an emergency annex was added to the back of the school to house the kindergarten classes.

In 1967, a library, a workroom and a science room, along with offices for the Principal and Vice-principal were completed. Again in the 90’s another addition of two portable classrooms was added to the North Wing.

A much greater change was about to occur to Queen Elizabeth in 2001, when the Board of Education made the decision to close Victoria Park Public School and transfer the students to Queen Elizabeth. There were extensive renovations required at the school as a result, and after all the work was completed they could now boast a new library, computer room, updated kindergarten facilities, and a new gym. The gym was eventually named the Dave Allen Gymnasium, after Dave Allin, the first gym teacher to use the new facilities. Mr. Allin was dedicated to providing a well rounded sports program for all students at Queen E.

Through all of these changes over the last 60 years, Queen Elizabeth’s many fine staff members have remained committed to providing quality education to the many students who have passed through its doors. as well as providing a safe school environment for all. 


Queen Elizabeth II Public School - Chatham
79 Eugenie St, Chatham, ON, N7M 3Y9
Principal: Jennifer Goodal
Vice Principal: Jenna Southen

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