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School Council Indication of Interest Form

We will be hosting our first virtual school council meeting on Monday, September 27th, 2021 at 6:30pm.

This is our initial meeting for the year, during which we will be establishing roles on council and filling those roles.  Nominations for those roles should be forwarded to the office ahead of this meeting, in the absence of easy access to these forms, a nomination via email will be acceptable.

Please follow the link below, prior to Sept 27th, if you wish to participate in this meeting.  This link is to a form to collect contact information so the virtual meeting link can be shared for this meeting.


School Council - Indication of Interest


Sept 3, 2021

Dear Dawn-Euphemia Students and Families,

We can't wait!!!! The staff of Dawn-Euphemia School are so very much looking forward to welcoming you and your child(ren) back to school for a safe start to the 2021-2022 school year.

In order to support the successful transition back to school and assist students with learning school health and safety procedures and risk mitigation strategies, we'd like to refer you to the Reopening and Operating Our Schools document located on the LKDSB website

  • Students in SK – Grade 8:  All students in SK through 8 will begin school on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021 
  • Students in JK:  Half of the Junior Kindergarten students will attend school on Wednesday, September 8th  for one day. On Thursday, September 9th, the remaining students (those who did not attend the previous day) will attend school. On Friday, September 10, all Junior Kindergarten students will attend school.   These arrangements have already been communicated with JK families.

  • Below you will find the current class organization and staff assignments.
FDKL. Rickman, J. Doom, T. Kirk
Grade 1/2S. Cobb
Grade 2/3L. O'Phee-Caron
Grade 4T. Kirk, B. Cobb
Grade 5/6J. Zimmer
Grade 7/8B. Clark
French, Learning CommonsJ. Jaques
Student SupportL. Rickman, C. Elliott

Many of the school procedures from the 2020-2021 school year will remain in place with small adjustments outlined in the Reopening and Operating our Schools document.  We are committed to supporting safe and welcoming transitions to school for our students and families. In addition to supporting student learning, staff will help students refamiliarize themselves with school and health and safety routines to reduce the opportunities for transmission of COVID-19 and move forward into a new and exciting school year.

Much like our entry plan last year this is a multi-layered approach with various safety measures to mitigate opportunities for the transmission of COVID-19. The implementation is a shared responsibility between Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB) staff, local Public Health, family households, students and Chatham-Kent Lambton Administrative School Services (CLASS). By collectively implementing the plan, our schools will minimize risk for our students and staff.

School Arrival Procedure

Students will arrive on their bus as per usual.  At 8:45 students will be released from their buses in a staggered format to create appropriate physical distancing and proceed directly to their entrance door and enter their classroom.   Students in Grades 1-8 must be wearing masks to enter the school, unless otherwise exempted.  

Your child will enter the school and exit the school through a designated entrance/exit door.  Your child's entrance/exit door will be designated by class assignment and we have been able to utilize our additional entrance.  Grade 7/8 students will enter at the door closest to the bus drop off point (proceeding down the hallway that passes the office).  Grade 4 and 5/6 students will enter through the junior door that enters the building nearest the washrooms.  Grade 1/2 students will enter their cloak room door.  Grade 2/3 and FDK students will enter the primary doors.  Grade 2/3 students will be able to use the cubbies in that entrance and FDK students will have cubbies inside of Room 4.

Please note: To maintain cohorts and contact tracing, parents/guardians WILL NOT be permitted to enter schools at this time, except in case of an emergency or a pre-arranged appointment time. 

Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning protocols will align with the Ministry of Education Guidelines and will focus on cleaning high touch surfaces (washrooms, eating areas, doorknobs, light switches etc.).  Risk mitigation strategies will also be in place to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 (e.g. physical distancing where possible, masks and PPE).  Hand hygiene etiquette by students and staff throughout the day will also support the maintenance of a clean and safe school environment.

School Visitors

Parents/guardians and all non-essential visitors will not be permitted to enter schools at this time, except in the case of an emergency or if a pre-arranged appointment time has been made with the office.  As we settle in to this year we will review the addition of non-essential visitors.

Communication between parents/guardians and teaching staff or administration will continue to be through phone calls, email and classroom digital platforms.  Please check these platforms and the website regularly for updates. 


Parents/guardians are required to assess their children daily and report whether they are experiencing any signs of illness and are expected to keep them home if they are. Parents/guardians should refer to the Daily Screening Questionnaire for Parents/Guardians/Students Before Attending School to perform daily screening of their children before arriving at school.  NEW* All students/(or their caregivers for younger students) will be required to report the results of their daily screen to the school each day.  More information about this process is being finalized and information and direction around methods of reporting will be shared with families.

Please refer to the Daily Screening Questionnaire for Parents/Guardians/Students Before Attending School for more information about current symptoms and to save this link for use.

All students who are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must not attend school and should seek appropriate medical attention as required, including getting tested at a COVID-19 testing center.


Students in Grades 1 to 8 will be required to wear masks indoors in school (medical, non-medical or cloth masks are acceptable), including in hallways and during classes. Outdoor times like recess can be used as opportunities to provide students with breaks from wearing masks as long as the students are organized to remain within their cohorts. Students in Kindergarten are strongly encouraged to wear masks in indoor spaces but not required. 

Student Transportation

CLASS is planning service for all eligible students; there is no need to register for busing. Go to  in order to confirm your eligibility for transportation. Students will be assigned a bus seat and will be required to wear masks. Additional information is available on the CLASS Student Transportation website:

Download the MySBI app for school bus updates during the school year, including school bus delays and weather cancellations.

Student Pick Up or Drop Off

If a student must be picked up or dropped off they will need to enter and exit the school on their own.  As pick up can be a very busy and congested time it is important that buses are utilized whenever possible.  If you are picking up your child you will need to wait outside of the school, at the main entrance, appropriately physically distanced from any others outside as well.  Staff will ensure they have identified a parent/guardian before releasing a child from the building.  Children will not be released to a waiting vehicle as you will need to be present to meet them on the sidewalk to escort them safely when there may be other moving vehicles.

Personal Student Items

Each student will be designated a location for their materials (coat, backpack, etc.) and any personal items (e.g., backpack, clothing, water bottles, food, etc.) should be labeled. 

Lunch and Food Services

Based on our school location students will not be permitted to leave school property during lunch (unless being picked up by parent or designate) and will be required to bring their lunch and snacks to school daily.  Students will eat their lunch with their class in a designated area. Students will not be allowed to share any food.

Students should bring labelled refillable water bottles.  Drinking fountains will be closed, but refillable water stations will be open.  If you do not have a refillable water bottle, please contact the school.

School Cash Online

School Cash Online will be used for families to purchase items like lunches, field trips, spirit wear, etc., in the event we return to offering such items.  Using School Cash Online will support safety measures like physical distancing and no handling of cash.  More information will be sent home to families later in the year as we progress to processing funds again.  Visit the school website to learn more about School Cash Online (click on the orange School Cash Online button).

Recess and Playgrounds

Elementary students will have the opportunity to enjoy recess. At this time, Medical Officers of Health have advised that outdoor activity has reduced risk and that playground equipment may be used. Classes will be assigned specific areas of the playground/schoolyard at recess. Students will practice hand hygiene before and after the break, masks will be worn while transitioning in and out of the building but may be removed outside with reasonable physical distancing being observed.

Student Learning

Classes will be able to continue to learn with their homeroom and support teachers.  Scheduling designed to minimize student movement will reduce congestion, transitions and student-to-student interaction between classrooms.

For additional information about programming, read the Reopening and Operating Our Schools plan section on Programming: Elementary.

Special Education Staff Support

Teachers, Educational Assistants and other special education support staff essential for daily academic programming in the classroom will use personal protective equipment when physical distancing is not possible. Information about Special Education staff support is available in the Reopening and Operating Our Schools plan. Should you have any specific questions about your child, please follow-up with the school.

Individual Education Plan

Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Plan of Care for students will be reviewed and updated in consultation with families and school staff as we begin the 2021-2022 school year. Parents and guardians can expect to receive an updated IEP and/or Plan of Care.  If parents and/or guardians have any questions or concerns, please contact our Resource Teacher Mrs. Leslie Rickman.

Mental Health

Families are encouraged to contact the school to discuss any concerns regarding their child's transition to school. For additional resources, please access information at:

Reopening Our Schools Plan

For additional information about the LKDSB's Reopening Our Schools Plan, please visit the LKDSB website. Please communicate any relevant information with your child's emergency contacts.

We look forward to a safe and welcoming start to the 2021-2022 school year. Should you have any specific questions about your child, please contact the school at 519-692-4035 to speak to their classroom teacher.​​

Looking to get vaccinated? Information is distributed on behalf of Lambton Public Health. Should you have any specific questions about this information, please follow-up directly with Lambton Public Health.

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