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Dawn Euphemia Public School
Inclement Weather
The health and safety of all students is a high priority. Inclement weather may occasionally result in a delay or cancellation of transportation services or the early dismissal or closure of schools. To minimize the disruption of service and possible danger on such days, your Board has adopted an Inclement Weather Policy. 

The decision to cancel transportation services shall be made prior to 6:30AM and broadcast on radio stations and at our website When transportation services are cancelled, schools remain open unless otherwise deemed necessary by the Director of Education. If busses are cancelled in the morning, busses will not run in the afternoon. 

Weather conditions may require cancellations in specific zones only. There are eight zones within the region of Lambton County and Chatham-Kent. The zone number(s) will be broadcast on radio stations and websites with specific instructions. Schools names will NOT be a portion of radio announcements. Our school is in ZONE 6 as well as some buses running in Zones 4&5. 

Early dismissal will occur only in extreme circumstances. The decision to have students transported home early will be announced over the radio stations. Parents/guardians (or alternate emergency contacts) will be contacted. If no contact can be made after buses leave, the student will remain at school until parents have been contacted and they have made arrangements to pick up their children. Adequate staff will remain at the school to provide supervision. 

Delaying transportation due to fog shall be for two hours with a follow up message over the radio whether buses will be running or cancelled for the morning portion. If a bus is cancelled in the morning due to fog it may not operate at the end of the day to transport students home. 

When buses are CANCELLED, parents transporting students to the school in the morning must provide transportation at the end of the day. Written permission must be sent to school if students are not getting picked up by a parent. 

Our school is located in Weather Zone 6 Note: Some buses run in Zones 4 & 5 as well.

Announcements are made on the following Sarnia radio stations: 
CHOK (1070 AM) 
K106.3 (106.3 FM) 
Fox FM (99.9 FM)
and on the following Chatham radio stations:
CFCO 92.9 FM
CKSY 94.3 FM 
UCB Canada 89.3 FM
and at


Dawn Euphemia Public School
4587 Bentpath Line, Dresden, ON, N0P 1M0
Principal: Rachel Pickering
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