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King George VI Public School - Sarnia
School Council
Our School Council meeting begin at 6:30 p.m. in the KGVI Learning Commons Room on the following dates.

Parent engagement matters. Study after study has shown us that student achievement improves when parents play an active role in their children's education, and that good schools become even better schools when parents are involved. It is recognized that parent engagement is a key factor in the enhancement of student achievement and well-being. Students are more likely to be motivated, to earn higher grades, to have better behaviour and social skills, and to continue their education to a higher level when their parents are actively engaged in supporting his/her success at school.

t is equally important to recognize that parent involvement takes many forms.School-Council-Moustaches.jpg

E-Waste primer for new parents

Since 2014 our school has raised approximately 600$ by offering a free e-waste disposal program during some of our events. The goal is to raise funds for the school by providing a convenient way of disposing of e-waste that keeps any remaining data on the devices safe. All items donated are wiped clean to prevent personal information from getting into the wrong hands.

Collected items are disposed of responsibly at a local accredited recycling facility. We have organized 4 larger collections and multiple smaller initiatives where parents contact the organizer of the program to arrange a private pickup. We have also received items from local businesses.

We take a variety of items: e-waste such as laptops, personal computers, monitors, peripherals, printers as well as televisions and audio-visual equipment. As long as they are tagged freon-free, large appliances are also accepted if arranged ahead of time.
We also collect scrap steel, aluminum, brass, copper and other metals as well as batteries and power tools. Appliances such as microwaves, kettles and toasters are accepted as long as they don't contain larger amounts of plastic. Clean pet food containers, pop cans and other cans can also be recycled - please separate them though.

If in doubt, please check  fore more information.

Items can also be dropped off directly at the recycling facility (any data that may be contained on devices in this case will not be wiped as that service is not offered at any local recycling facilities).


King George VI Public School - Sarnia
585 O'Dell Ave, Sarnia, ON, N7V 4H7
Principal: Tracy Pereira

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