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Zone Township Central School
Milk Program

Dear Parents / Guardians,

The Lambton Kent District School Board has implemented the Ministry of Education’s School Food and Beverage Policy.  As stated in the Board’s School Food and Beverage Regulation “All Off-Site Food Service Suppliers must contact the local Public Health Unit and provide to them a copy of the product list which includes nutrition facts and serving sizes for approval.  The Public Health Unit will return the signed Letter of Compliance to the school prior to the start of each school year.”

The Lambton Kent District School Board has supplied each school with a list of Off-Site Service Suppliers who are in compliance with the LKDSB Food and Beverage Policy.   Evans Wholesale in Chatham has met the School Food and Beverage Policy requirements and supplies Zone Township Central School with chocolate and white milk.


Your child will be able to purchase a milk card that will purchase 10 milks for $10.00.  There are approximately 20 school days per month and you may purchase as many cards as your child/children need.

Milk will be sold for 10 minutes at the beginning of first nutrition break.  If your child has purchased a milk card and wishes to purchase milk on any given day, your child will take their card with them to the office where it will be recorded.  Cards will be retained in your child's classroom to make it EASILY accessible to them.

Students will only be allowed to purchase 1 milk card per day to discourage the sharing of their milk card.  Once your child's milk card is empty you will receive a notice to go online and purchase a new one.  Milk cards must be purchased online, cash/cheque are not accepted.


Zone Township Central School
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