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Physical Education
The Health and Physical Education Department at Lambton-Kent Composite School focuses on providing students with a variety of enjoyable physical activities that will enhance their skills, improve their fitness and health, and promote lifelong healthy active living.  

Department Highlights

Healthy Active Living Courses (PPL 1O1, PPL 2O1, PPL 3O1, PPL 4O1).  Theses courses are offered every year to students at all grade levels.  Highlights from these courses include:
  • CPR Training
  • Boxing Ontario
  • Canoe Training
  • Overnight Camping Trip
  • Golf
  • Dance Training
The Hockey Focus Course (PAL 2O1) is a co-ed grade 10 physical education credit in which students focus on the sport of hockey for most of their physical activities.  Students participate in on-ice training twice a week.

The Personal Fitness Course (PAF 3O1) is a co-ed grade 11 physical education credit in which students learn to develop personalized fitness programs, and carry those programs out.  This course has specific focus on the areas of aerobic endurance training and strength training.

Exercise Science Course (PSE 4U1) is a grade 12 university preparation credit which focuses on human anatomy and physiology, human performance and biomechanics, motor learning and development, sport history, and sport issues.

The Recreation and Fitness Leadership Course (PLF 4C1) is a grade 12 college preparation credit which focuses on developing leadership and organizational skills in students.  Course highlights include organizing intramural activities, organizing an overnight camping trip, and working with younger athletes as a coach.


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