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P.E. McGibbon Public School

Home of the Grizzlies!

Recommendations were brought forward to the Board to consolidate Devine Street Public School, and Johnston Memorial School, and build a new school on the Johnston Memorial site. We started planning immediately, striking a committee consisting of students, parents, school staff and Board Office staff to generate ideas and make decisions about what the new building would provide to the students and our community. Upon reflection, it was a difficult, time consuming process, but worth every second. We can only hope that this building provides a flexible learning environment for many generations of students in our community. 

History of PE McGibbon

In March of 2009, we moved the students from Johnston Memorial School into Devine Street School. The students of the two buildings completed their 2008 – 2009 school year in the existing classes in which they started in. In September of 2009, those two separate school populations became one, and eventually agreed upon their new identity: a new school name and a mascot were chosen and school colours decided upon. This process, although difficult at times, served to unify our student body as we worked towards developing our new collective identity. Students, parents and staff were a key part of the process and should be congratulated for the role in which they played. In June of 2010, we graduated our first grade 8 class from P.E. McGibbon Public School. 

We started the 2010-2011 school year in our new building, P.E. McGibbon Public School, and began a new chapter in the combined histories of two of Sarnia’s oldest elementary schools. Students, parents and staff are excited about the possibilities that exist and the history we will be making as we move forward from this point. 

A school is certainly more than the summation of the parts that make it. That being said, below are the materials and design features that were incorporated into the new school.
  • Natural light
  • Recycled material use – desk tops
  • Cistern –rain water collection – sprinklers
  • Shade Sails
  • Historical Aspects – Corner Stone, Coat of Arms and Time Capsules from Johnston, Devine and P.E. McGibbon
  • Reflective roof
  • Cement construction
  • Waterless urinals
  • High speed hand dryers in the washrooms (no paper towels)
  • Heat pump system
  • Technology – SMARTBoards, Wireless Hot spots for internet access, Netbooks (wireless) working off carts that go into classrooms
  • Flexible learning areas
Material quantities - cast-in-place concrete 1,200 m3 or 2,700,000 kg - precast concrete 560 m3 or 1,350,000 kg - block 60,000 pcs - brick 86,000 pcs - steel 150,000 kg - doors 128 - flooring 41,000 ceramic/vct tiles - paint 1,150 gallons 

Total man hours
  • 54 contractors or suppliers – Sarnia and Southwestern Ontario as far away as California
  • Timeline – Almost 1 year to the day. Demolition June 22. Construction start August 24th to Substancial Completion the week of August 17th
  • estimated over the length of project 75,000 man hours


P.E. McGibbon Public School
217 South Russell Street, Sarnia, ON, N7T 3L6
Principal: Kevin Chambers
Vice Principal: Melissa Holmes

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