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Kinnwood Central Public School
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Message regarding an update on the Forest Area of Schools Transition Committee

April 05, 2019

During the April 3 Forest Area Family of Schools Transition Committee Meeting, Lambton Kent District School Board's Superintendent of Business Brian McKay provided the committee with an update on the land acquisition process for the Kindergarten to Grade 12 school.

The Kindergarten to Grade 12 school will consolidate students from Aberarder Central School, Bosanquet Central School, Kinnwood Central School and North Lambton Secondary School into a single site at a new location. In January 2018, the Ministry of Education announced a $27.4 million investment to build the new school and create 24 new child care spaces.

During the Pupil Accommodation Review, community members expressed a desire for the new Kindergarten to Grade 12 school to be located in close proximity to The Shores Recreation Centre in Forest. McKay noted that the LKDSB has been exploring potential site locations near The Shores Recreation Centre, however during the land acquisition process, it was determined that there are no viable options in the surrounding areas.

The land acquisition process involves land appraisal and negotiations with the land owner; various land studies, including: soil quality; transportation; site servicing; endangered species and archeological studies. The LKDSB must receive approval from the Ministry of Education prior to purchasing land for the school.

McKay affirmed that the LKDSB is committed to moving forward with the project as soon as possible and is exploring other site locations within the community of Forest. The LKDSB is looking to acquire approximately 18-20 acres for the new school.

The LKDSB continues to work with the Ministry of Education throughout this process and McKay confirmed the capital funding for the new school remains in place.

The next Transition Committee Meeting will be held on June 5 at Bosanquet Central Public School. Members of the public are invited to attend the meeting.

Information about the Transition Committee Meetings is available at:


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