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Kinnwood Central Public School
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Message to the LKDSB community

June 08, 2021

​We are deeply saddened and express condolences and support to members of the Muslim community following the tragic event of anti-Muslim hate which occurred in London, Ont.

The Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB) is committed to promoting positive, safe, and welcoming environments for all students, staff, parents/guardians, and visitors. In our commitment to Inclusive Diversity: Champion anti-oppressive education, we recognize our role in denouncing anti-Muslim hate, and educating for justice.

All students, staff, families, and community partners have the right to feel safe in their school community. The LKDSB reminds students and staff about being proactive in supporting safe, inclusive, and welcoming learning and work environments, as well as ensuring the human rights and dignities of all.

The LKDSB takes any allegations of bullying seriously, including any racist, anti-Muslim, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, or other discriminatory language, and responds appropriately. Bullying behavior has a negative impact on a student's well-being and ability to learn and compromises the overall school climate.

We know that many students may be experiencing difficulty at this time and may have different responses to the release of this information. Within the current circumstances of remote learning, please be assured that supports are available, and we will be responsive to individual needs. Should you have any concerns about personal or a student's well-being, we encourage you to contact your school directly to learn more about student supports that are available. Visit the LKDSB Mental Health website for additional information. Staff members are encouraged to access the Employee and Family Assistance Program.

Below are additional community supports and resources:

Naseeha Youth Helpline-Mental Health
1 (866) 627-3342

Teachers Resources to Address Islamophobia

Muslim Educators Network of Ontario

OHRC statement on mass killings in London, Ontario


Randy Campbell

John Howitt
Director of Education


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