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Ministry of Education Announcement: PPM 128

April 28, 2024

​The Lambton Kent District School Board is aware of the announcement, made today by the Minister of Education regarding updates to PPM 128.  These updates are for implementation on September 1st of 2024.  Many of these are changes from our current practice and will impact all of our school communities.  

For those who haven't seen/heard the announcements they relate to restricting use and access to personal devices during the instructional day, restricting access to social media on school networks and devices, reinforcing the need for respectful communication and the inclusion of vaping in the PPM 128. More information can be found at: Ontario Cracking Down on Cellphone Use and Banning Vaping in Schools | Ontario Newsroom​ 

Please be advised that no immediate changes will take place, as we will work to make necessary changes and updates to our existing policies. More information will be shared by school administration as it is received. 


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