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LKDSB April 28 Elementary Equity PD Day - Workshops

May 01, 2023

​Through the recent release of the LKDSB Voluntary Student Demographic Census Report and the LKDSB Staff Census Report, and as the Board engages in an upcoming Equity Audit, the LKDSB is aware of the need to provide professional development opportunities for staff to better understand Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. On April 28, 2023, the LKDSB held a Professional Development Day with the theme of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, a provincially mandated topic for a PD Day in the 2022-2023 school year as per PPM 151. 

LKDSB is aware of misinformation being shared through social media posts regarding the April 28, 2023 PD Day. At this PD Day, elementary educators and classroom support staff were invited to participate in a full day of learning at the Elementary Teacher Conference – in the Spirit of Water. Working with local Indigenous communities, community partners and invited influential keynote speakers, staff were able to select two additional workshops from a wide range of topics. One of the optional 20 plus workshops available to attendees, was Drag Story Time & The Book Keeper, which encouraged love and acceptance through inclusive storytelling. Contrary to social media posts, the LKDSB has no plans to implement Drag Queen Storytime events in LKDSB schools, and planning for such was not the theme of this workshop. 

We wish to thank the Elders, community agencies and partners who supported the learning on Friday in a broad range of topics.  

In alignment with the LKDSB Strategic Priority of Inclusive Diversity: Champion Anti-oppressive Education, the obligations under the Ontario Human Rights Code, Ontario Human Rights PolicyAccepting Schools Act, 2012, and Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum, as well as LKDSB Policies, Regulations and Administrative Procedures to support safe, welcoming and inclusive schools and workplaces, we continue to encourage education, respect, awareness and understanding of the diversity of our school communities. 

LKDSB is committed to opposing all forms of discrimination, protecting and promoting human rights, and supporting well-being and belonging for all LKDSB community members. Together, we will foster success for every student every day. 


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