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A. A. Wright Public School
School Council
All parents that are interested in joining parent council are welcome to attend. We are looking to hold meetings in other locations this year to make it easier for our parents to attend meetings. We held our first meeting on September 26. Ms. Turner and Ms. Caughy will be our co-chairs and Ms. Sterling will be our secretary. All parents are welcome to join us. Our meetings take place at 6pm and last about half an hour. If you need child care in order to attend, call the school and we’ll arrange something.

A.A. Wright Parent Involvement Committee is an advisory body to provide advice to the school principal in such matters as school year calendar, scheduling events, revisions to school code of student behaviour program priorities, budget priorities, and school-community communication strategies. The A.A. Wright School Council is composed of parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, community members and the principal. At the end of each school year, nominations are accepted for the next school year.


A. A. Wright Public School
55 Elm Dr, Wallaceburg, ON, N8A 3M7
Principal: Jennifer Goodal

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