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Lambton Kent District School Board Proves to be “Taking Steps in the Right Direction" Following Release of EQAO Test Results

October 12, 2023

Today, the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) released achievement results, indicating that Lambton Kent District School Board (LKDSB) is showing significant growth in student reading and math achievement.

The results, which include the Grade 3 and Grade 6 Reading, Writing and Math Assessments, the Grade 9 Math Assessment, and the Grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), show LKDSB outpacing the provincial growth rates in Reading, Writing and Math at the Grade 3 level, Writing and Math at the Grade 6 level, and an increase in the OSSLT results, respectively. Amongst the increases, LKDSB students achieved an incredible 9% surge in their Grade 6 Math results. 

 “These results are indicative that our collective commitment to improving both student competency and confidence is paying off," said Superintendent of Education, Ben Hazzard, “Not only are we seeing remarkable increases in our assessment results, but we are actually seeing an increase in student confidence in specific areas, which has benefits that far expand the walls of the classroom." 

 “In Math in particular, we have been dedicated to ensuring that students are truly gaining a deeper comprehension," explains Hazzard, “It is not enough for them to simply be able to do the equations, we want them to be able to fully understand the process, which we know will result in greater successes for them down the road." 

The LKDSB would like to recognize that these positive results are a shared achievement and one that has required dedicated, continuous cooperation on behalf of LKDSB educators and staff, parents/guardians and families, and above all – the students.

 “We can do everything in our power and utilize all of the tools and resources available to us in an attempt to develop and prepare each student," says Director of Education, John Howitt. “But it really is dependent on each of them to show up each day, willing to learn and perform their best. We're very proud of our staff and students, and they should be very proud of themselves, too." 

The LKDSB increased in 6 of 8 performance measures, including 5% gains in Grade 3 reading and writing. The board did see a very slight decrease in the Grade 6 Reading Assessment results, mirroring the provincial decrease observed in that same area, and no change to the Grade 9 Math Assessment results. 

It is very assuring to see these results" says LKDSB Board Chair, Randy Campbell, “It is proof that the Strategic Priorities set by Trustees and focus on student achievement and well-being are having a real impact on classrooms and that we are, in fact, taking steps in the right direction!"


Additional achievements included in the EQAO results include:

  • Grade 3 results of LKDSB students achieving at or above the provincial standard:
    • Reading: 65% (+5%)
    • Writing: 55% (+ 4%)
    • Math: 53% (+3%)
  • Grade 6 results of LKDSB students achieving at or above the provincial standard:
    • Reading: 78% (-1%)
    • Writing: 78% (+2%)
    • Math: 42% (+9%)
  • Grade 9 Mathematics:
    • Students achieving at level 3 and above: 34% (no change)
  • Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)
    • LKDSB student success rate: 78% (+2%)

Further results can be found at

For additional information contact:
Caress Lee, Public Relations Officer
P: (519) 336-1500 EXT 31262