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W. J. Baird Public School
Special Announcement
Terry Fox School Day Run - September 28 at 2:30 PM - All are Welcome!

​ W.J. Baird 13th annual Terry Fox School Run on Thursday, September 28, 2017: •           Playground at 2:30pm •           "A Toonie for Terry" is our school fundraising request for cancer research. The event committee would like to extend 2 Fundraising Challenges to our students: o          FREE MOVIE CHALLENGE - Every class that raises $5.00 per student will earn a free movie at school. o          ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE - If the entire school raises $1500.00 the Terry Fox Committee (Mr. Vermeersch, Mrs. Tinline, and Mrs. Hough) will have a cold bucket of ice dumped on them. •           Please send all money and pledge forms in on the day of the run and help us achieve our goals. •           Use attached pledge form to collect pledges and bring to school on Thurs. Sept. 28th •           Donating is strictly optional and all students will take part to support the cause and to emulate the spirit of Terry Fox. •           Friends and family are encouraged to come out and walk/run with us. The more the merrier!    


W. J. Baird Public School
182 King St, Blenheim, ON, N0P 1A0
Principal: Daphne Zondag

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