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Memo regarding inclement weather during OSSLT

March 22, 2019

​Wednesday, March 27 is the date all secondary schools across Ontario are scheduled to administer the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). EQAO, as well as the Lambton Kent District School Board, will be monitoring weather forecasts in the days leading up to the administration of the test to anticipate any potential disruption due to inclement weather.

Widespread Disruption
In the unlikely event that a severe, widespread disruption is forecast, EQAO would postpone the March 27 administration for all schools in the province, and would advise school boards and schools of such a decision no later than 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26. EQAO would provide further updates within 24 hours of the cancellation of the test, and schools boards would continue to be responsible for providing updates on all school operations, including the OSSLT, through their regular channels.

Localized Disruption
In the case of localized inclement weather, LKDSB Senior Administration will make a decision about school closures and school-bus transportation based on our established policies and practices. Click on the links to view the LKDSB's Inclement Weather Regulation and Administrative Procedure.

If schools are open on March 27, all students who are scheduled to participate and are in attendance are expected to write the OSSLT.

Students who are unable to write the OSSLT on March 27 due to school closures or school-bus cancellations will have other opportunities to satisfy the literacy requirement they need to graduate. Please note that this does not necessarily mean students will have another chance to write the test this school year, so it is important that all students in attendance be given the opportunity to write the test as scheduled on March 27.

EQAO will decide on the most appropriate response to any disruption caused by inclement weather after consulting with affected school boards and considering the responsible use of public funds.


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