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High Park Public School
Character Development
Each month we focus on one of the Character Traits. Through activities and discussion, the students become more aware of what each trait means and how to demonstrate it. At our monthly Character Assemblies, each classroom teacher selects one student from their class who has done wonderful job demonstrating the chosen trait. They are recognized with a certificate and a ribbon.

‚ÄčMonth‚ÄčAssemblyCharacter TraitDefinition‚Äč
‚ÄčSeptember‚ÄčSeptember 30
‚ÄčRespect‚ÄčWe treat ourselves, others, and the world high regard and dignity.
‚ÄčOctober‚ÄčOctober 30
‚ÄčHonesty‚ÄčWe are trustworthy, sincere and truthful.
‚ÄčNovember‚ÄčNovember 28
‚ÄčResponsibility‚ÄčWe are reliable and accountable, and we keep our commitments.
‚ÄčDecember‚ÄčDecember 18
‚ÄčCo-operation‚ÄčWe value the opinion of others as we work together for a common purpose.
‚ÄčJanuary‚ÄčJanuary 29
‚ÄčIntegrity‚ÄčWe do what is right and honorable.  What we say matches what we do. 
‚ÄčFebruary‚ÄčFebruary 27
‚ÄčCourage‚ÄčWe face challenges directly and we do the right thing even when it may be unpopular.
‚ÄčMarch‚ÄčMarch 31
‚Äč Inclusiveness‚ÄčWe work to build a community where everyone feels included, and where differences and diversity are honoured.
‚ÄčApril‚ÄčApril 30
‚ÄčEmpathy‚ÄčWe strive to understand how others are feeling and to see things from their perspective.
‚ÄčMay‚ÄčMay 29
‚ÄčResilience‚ÄčWe face obstacles with perseverance and a strong belief in ourselves.
‚ÄčJune‚ÄčJune 18
‚ÄčCitizenship‚ÄčWe are active and responsible members of our community.




     It‚Äôs time, that we all come together

     RESPECT is how we do it

     Now is the time and school is where it‚Äôs at

     Show you have the courage,

     and always choose the right way

     Honest, kind and truthful‚Ķ

     is all we really need,

     so we can all succeed.

     Stay on the track,

     Do the right thing,

     So people all over can see our PANTHER PRIDE!

     Cause everyone wants to go to High Park School

     We care for our friends and we follow the rules

     We learn and we play and we honour our school

     Here is the place where we can BE OUR BEST!

     Cause nobody wants to do it on their own

     And everyone needs to know they‚Äôre not alone

     So here is the school where we can all belong

     There‚Äôs SPIRIT at HIGH PARK


Character Development

The Ministry of Education has called on all school boards to implement Character Development initiatives.  In Lambton-Kent, as in many other boards, character development is already reflected in many ways through daily student experiences, contributing great value to the quality of school life and student learning.

Character development "... is a deliberate effort to cultivate virtue - that is, objectively good human qualities that are good for the individual person and good for the whole society." -- Thomas Lickona

It is these qualities, or attributes, that determine the nature of interactions that take place among students and between students and staff; that set the tone and influence the learning atmosphere in our schools and classrooms, and that ultimately impact success for every individual and group.

The principles and attributes of character are not specific to a particular set of beliefs, but instead are universal in nature, and transcend racial, ethno-cultural, linguistic, religious, gender, physical and intellectual ability, and other demographic factors.

Character development calls for every student to be their personal best, to be self-aware, to exercise self-discipline within themselves, and to demonstrate empathy and understanding toward others.

These attributes will help students establish and maintain quality relationships, and in conjunction with respect, responsibility and fairness, allow our schools to continue to be safe places to be and learn.

 Attributes that contribute to positive group dynamics, and successful learning collaborations in school, ultimately lead to workplace advantages. The Employability Skills Profile developed by the Conference Board of Canada presents the perspective of Canadian employers. It states that personal management skills are essential for students entering the workplace. These include characteristics such as honesty, responsibility, integrity, initiative, adaptability, and respect for diversity.


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