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LKDSB provides update on Great Lakes Secondary School renovation

September 11, 2018

​Lambton Kent District School Board's (LKDSB) Senior Administration has informed the Great Lakes Secondary School community that it is anticipating the opening of the permanent site to be September 2019.

The LKDSB continues to have regular contact with the site contractor, Jasper Construction Corp. Although construction on the site progressed throughout the summer, a recent review of the construction site by the LKDSB's site consultant suggests the site will not be ready to relocate students at the end of the first semester.

With concerns about the projected timing of completion and the potential for further delays due to weather conditions in the upcoming months, Senior Administration has determined it is in the best interest of students and staff to provide an update at this time regarding the Great Lakes Secondary School permanent site.

"Our focus continues to be on offering the best learning environment for our students and staff," said Director Jim Costello. "We understand the challenges of relocating during a school year. In order to mitigate the impact on student achievement and well-being, Senior Administration believes informing the community in a timely manner of this update will allow our students and staff to remain focused on a successful 2018-2019 school year without the uncertainty of a possible mid-year move."

Senior Administration met with the Principal and School Council Chair to discuss the update. The school community will continue to receive updates on the project in order to support parents/guardians and students in adequately preparing for the transition. The LKDSB remains committed to mitigating the impact of the relocation on students' success.

The LKDSB will continue to work with Jasper Construction Corp. to complete the facility as soon as possible. The delay is not expected to have an impact on the capital budget for the project. However, the LKDSB is focused on providing staff sufficient time to transition to the new site and set up classrooms in advance of the school year.

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For additional information contact:
Elizabeth Hudie, Chair of the Board, 519-542-0939
Jim Costello, Director of Education, 519-336-1500, Ext 31297
Brian McKay, Superintendent of Business, 519-336-1500 ext. 31480

For reference information contact:
Heather Hughes, Public Relations Officer, 519-336-1500, Ext. 31262
September 11, 2018


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