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Lambton Centennial Public School
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Message to Lambton Centennial Public School Parents/Guardians

April 10, 2019

​Dear Parents/Guardians,

This letter is to notify you of an incident that occurred outside the building on Wednesday, April 10.

At approximately 10 a.m., Lambton OPP notified our school regarding an incident involving police outside the school. There was is no concern for students' safety inside the school during this time; however, as a precautionary measure Lambton OPP advised school staff to secure students inside the building until the situation was resolved. The police matter is not related to Lambton Centennial Public School.

School staff followed the LKDSB's Hold-and-Secure procedure, as per our Safe Schools protocols. The Hold-and-Secure remained in place until 11 a.m., when Lambton OPP confirmed it was safe to exit the building.

A Hold and Secure is used when an ongoing situation, unrelated to the school, occurs nearby. During a Hold and Secure, all exterior doors are locked and monitored and no one is permitted to exit or enter the building; however, the staff and students move about freely inside, continuing on with the normal routines of the day.

We appreciated the cooperation of staff and students during this time. Should you have any further questions, please contact the school.


Todd Hayward


Lambton Centennial Public School
3823 Oil Heritage Rd, Petrolia, ON, N0N 1R0
Principal: Todd Hayward

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