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LKDSB Senior Administration Presents 2020Capital Plan to Trustees

June 10, 2020


Senior Administration presented the 2020 Capital Plan to Trustees at the Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 9. The Capital Plan provides an update to community partners on the status of the Lambton Kent District School Board’s (LKDSB) school conditions and demographics.

In the 2019/2020 school year, elementary and secondary enrolment remained relatively stable compared to the previous year.

There were 21,607students enrolled in the LKDSB in 2019-2020, which is an overall decline in the student population of 10.2per cent during the past ten years.

With reduced enrolments, the LKDSB is projected to be at 76 per cent capacity for elementary schools (14,416 students) and 64 per cent capacity (7,110 students) for secondary schools in September 2020.

Board projections indicate elementary student enrolment is expected to continue to decline by 221 students by 2030. However, secondary student enrolment is projected to decrease by 43 students during the same time period. By 2030, overall LKDSB enrolment is expected to decline by approximately 264 students.

Although there is stability in the average number of births and evidence of migration to the LKDSB catchment area, the LKDSB continues to face declining enrolment projections, which have a direct impact on funding. Unless additional funding is available, the long-term projections indicate these challenges will continue and this will have a direct impact on programming and the allocation of resources.There also continues to be a number of facilities in need of renewal.

“The Lambton Kent District School Board is committed to sustainable stewardship, including optimizing financial and physical resources,”said Chair Jane Bryce. “We recognize that ongoing declining enrolment in our communities will limit available resources and have direct impacts on student programming and extra-curricular activities, particularly in our rural schools. It also restricts our ability to address school renewal needs. Maximizing funding and resources continues to be an ongoing focus for the LKDSB moving forward.”

Read the complete LKDSB Capital Plan here.