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Frequently Asked Questions - Admin & Support Staff Positions

For every posting number you apply to, you will receive a confirmation email indicating you have applied successfully. If there are discrepancies, only those who can provide proof of this confirmation email will be considered.  

Once you attach a resume it will remain in your on-line profile until you change it or update it.  

Hiredesk will only allow you to apply to a posting number once.  

If your computer locks up or freezes during the application process, and you are not able to complete all the steps, you can log in at any time to update/review your information. 

  • Click “login” from the Admin/Support Staff posting page, top right corner.  

  • Select the update your info tab. 

  • To select/review your letter designations click the appropriate tab: 

    • EA Perm Posting 

    • EA LTO Posting  

You may indicate the letter designations in your cover letter/resume. However, you will only be considered for the letter designations that you selected through the on-line process (last step). Human Resources staff will refer to cover letters/resumes if there are discrepancies.  

Applicants should attach a cover letter/resume as one file in the “resume tab” of the on-line process. This should be a general cover letter/resume geared toward the teaching profession. The documents tab is for copies of OCT certificates, reference letters etc. When required, Supervisors and Principals are emailed information that is attached in the resume tab.  

Updating your information and applying for a posting are two separate functions. Always make sure you receive the confirmation email when applying for a posting.  

When selecting letter designations for multiple positions, hold down the “Ctrl” key. This will allow you to skip over letters and only select the letters you are interested in.  

When you review your resume through Hiredesk, it may appear to be unformatted. This is a glitch with the Hiredesk software and the support team is working on correcting this. Your resume does appear formatted properly when it is viewed by Human Resources staff.  

You can review all the posting numbers you have applied for by Click “login” from the Admin/Support Staff posting page, top right corner.  

  • Select the update your info tab.  

  • To review your application history, click the Application History tab along the left column. 

If you request a new password and it does not work, remember that passwords are case sensitive and you must type it exactly the same. Watch for Zero (0) number and the letter O. It will make a difference. It is recommended to copy and paste the password to avoid errors.  

Our program is not compatible with Apple products (ipads and Macbooks). If you are logging in and it continues to redirect you to the log in screen this is why. Trying using a PC or a different browser like Chrome or Mozilla.